SGI Support of MIPS® IRIX® Products Changes December 2013

SGI launched the MIPS/IRIX family of products in 1988. Since then, this technology has powered servers, workstations, and visualization systems used extensively in Manufacturing, Media, Science, Government/Defense, and Energy. After nearly two decades of leading the world in innovation and versatility, the MIPS/IRIX products ended their general availability in 2008. Five years later in 2013, we are still supporting some of our customers in this environment.

SGI's Commitment to our Customers
The MIPS/IRIX products continue to be a viable solution for many customers, with millions of dollars invested over the years.

SGI continues to offer some of the MIPS hardware products as remanufactured. These refurbished systems are available as supply allows, and supply of some configurations may be constrained. Please see the Remarketed Products section for more information.

As planned and communicated several years ago, IRIX software products will change their support mode as of December 31st, 2013. IRIX products continue to be a viable solution for some of our customer, so SGI has come up with the following support plan.

Ongoing Support
As of December 31st, 2013, SGI will move IRIX products support from Maintenance Mode to Retired Mode. (See support mode definitions below.) SGI will allow renewal of IRIX contracts under Retired Mode as long as the MIPS hardware product associated with it is supported. Please reference the Hardware Product Support Matrix for MIPS hardware support information.

What this means for our current MIPS/IRIX customers: SGI will continue to support IRIX 6.5.28, 6.5.29, and 6.5.30 versions. The biggest change is that there will no longer be any new critical, security, or data integrity fixes provided after December 31st, 2013. However, SGI still has IRIX knowledgeable support engineers that can assist with finding known solutions and/or possible workarounds to critical issues. As a reminder, SGI cannot test or support any new hardware for IRIX (for example, new storage).

This process has enabled us to extend support for SGI products well beyond industry expectations.

If you have additional questions on the MIPS/IRIX end of production, please contact your regional SGI representative.

Maintenance Mode
New features are no longer developed. Software products are maintained with fixes for critical bugs and security and critical data integrity upgrade (generally for the last Service Pack or Minor release). Requests for fixes in earlier Service Packs or Minor releases of the software will be addressed at SGI's discretion. Software support contract coverage is available.

Retired Mode
Technical phone support is available to honor existing support obligation, but only known bug fixes and workarounds are provided. No new development, maintenance, or security fixes are provided by SGI. Product media and/or downloads remain available through the support organization. Software is no longer available for sale, and support contracts cannot be renewed (see exception for IRIX above).