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SGI® Remote Services 7x24

Summary and Key Features
SGI Remote Services provides a secure connection to SGI Customer Support - on demand. We ensure business continuance with our systems management and optimization.

Primary Capabilities Include:

  • 24x7 Remote monitoring and data gathering of customer systems
    • Alerts and notification on changes and failure
    • Log files immediately available
    • Configuration fingerprint
  • Secure file transfer
  • Secure remote Access to customer systems (Optional)


  • Improved uptime and system availability
    • Proactive identification of issues before they create an outage
    • Increase system stability by monitoring hardware and software version compatibility
    • Reduced time to resolve support cases
  • Greater operational efficiency
    • Less involvement of customer staff during troubleshooting
    • Faster support case resolution
  • Improved productivity
    • Maximized use of customer resources for non-SGI tasks
  • Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty
    • Proactive potential problem identification and customer notification resulting in higher system availability
    • Automated Alerts and, in some instances, Case Opening results in faster problem resolution time and less direct involvement required by Customer Support Teams

System Types
SGI Remote Services is available for all UV™, UV SMN, ICE clusters and Rackable® Standard Depth servers.

Geographic Availability
SGI Remote Services is a global core offering and is available worldwide.

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