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Service Move

Transferring Warranty and Support Contracts


This Web site provides details of service moves, the process of transferring warranty and support contracts when exporting an SGI® system from one SGI subsidiary country to another or to another geographical location within that same country.

Note: Except for sales by authorized SGI resellers, this process does not allow for a change of system ownership. Only new systems purchased from SGI by their original owners or authorized SGI resellers may use this process. Warranty support is not available for systems that have been resold or otherwise transferred to a new owner.

Please review and familiarize yourself with this information before contacting SGI to arrange for a service move. Timely execution of the process largely depends on the completeness of the information provided to SGI, which is needed to coordinate the process between/within the country/countries from which the system will be exported/moved and the destination where it will eventually be installed.

As noted in the guidelines, the entire process takes an average of 15 working days for systems that are customer installable and 30 working days for systems that SGI must install when they reach their destination. However, this depends on the quality of the information submitted to SGI through the Service Move Request Tool.