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Service Move

Transferring Warranty and Support Contracts


System Eligibility

The customer assumes all responsibility for exporting and importing the equipment being transferred. You are eligible if you are a Channel partner or an end user exporting/moving a system to an end user, currently under factory warranty and/or a service contract, to another SGI subsidiary country or to another geographical location within the same country.

If a Channel partner elects to sell an internal demo/development system, any remaining balance of the factory warranty can be transferred to an end user contingent upon the system being resold within 320 days of original ship date (from SGI to the reseller).

Responsibility for Fees and Charges

If you do not purchase SGI® deinstallation/reinstallation services, you agree that SGI will not be required to resume support on the relocated product until SGI has completed an inspection on the product and performs any remedial or other work necessary to return the product to operating condition. Remedial support will be performed at SGI's then-current time, travel, and per diem rates.

For non-customer-installable products, or otherwise on your written request, SGI will deinstall the product and reinstall it at the destination site. You are liable for SGI's then-current time, travel, and per diem rates and charges for any materials used by SGI in the reinstallation.

You are responsible for any differential in price of the service contract being transferred between the country of origin and country of destination. The service contract price for the product that has been relocated will be SGI's then-current price for service at the new location, including any applicable location surcharges.

Advance Notification of Transfer

You must request the transfer at least 15 working days (three calendar weeks) in advance of arrival at the destination site for a customer-installable system and 30 working days if the system is not customer installable. More notice is recommended for complex systems to ensure adequate time to iron out details of the contract transfer, deinstallation, reinstallation, and any site preparation or remedial services necessary to correct damage incurred in transit.

When applying for a transfer, you must certify that the system will be in working order when exported and allow SGI to confirm condition and verify that systems arrived at the destination site in working order.

Availability of Certain Support Services and Geographic Limitations

Customers are encouraged to check with SGI early in the transfer process.

Certain support uplifts (e.g., 7x24, two hour) are not available in all locations. SGI will make every reasonable attempt to accommodate customer support needs but can make no guarantees that uplifts are available, due to geographic, political, and other business considerations (e.g., lack of adequate transportation infrastructure, trained support specialists, etc.).

SGI cannot guarantee that all SGI and third-party layered software products and hardware options are supported in all countries. SGI will advise you of the availability of support as part of the transfer process.

Requests that don't initially identify software and hardware options may delay the start of support in the destination country.