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Service Move

Transferring Warranty and Support Contracts


There are three distinct stages involved in the process of transferring support. When you notify SGI that you intend to export/move a system and transfer the support, an SGI Technology Solutions entitlement specialist will ensure the following stages are completed:

Stage 1: Process the Application
An SGI Technology Solutions entitlement specialist will:

  • Confirm receipt of all requests for transfer within two working days (48 hours) of receipt
  • Review the request for eligibility and compliance
  • Check the request for completeness of information. SGI will contact you to obtain missing information. If SGI has difficulty contacting you for the information or must contact your SGI service team to obtain missing information, the length of the process may be extended
  • The applicant bears all responsibility for exporting and importing the system and complying with all applicable laws
Stage 2: Transfer the Service Contract
The process for transferring a service contract involves moving the original service contract (in the country of origin), to the Service Sales Rep in the destination location. No credit and re-bills are necessary for prepaid contracts.

  • The entitlement specialist will verify the remaining period (balance) of the factory warranty and all service contracts within the SGI office in the country of origin
  • The entitlement specialist will determine if the previous support is available in the destination country and review any additional charges that may apply. Refer to the guidelines page for more information.
  • The entitlement specialist will contact you to confirm the movement of your contract to the service sales representative in the destination location
  • The service sales representative in the destination location, through communication with the entitlement specialist, will send you a written confirmation of the service contract move

Stage 3: The System Arrives in the Destination Country

  • The destination country team will contact you on or after the scheduled arrival of the system to arrange an inspection of the system and any site services required for installation
  • The entitlement specialist will notify the original applicant that the transfer has been completed