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Product Warranty

SGI Standard/General Terms of Hardware Warranty

The following terms and conditions apply:

Unless otherwise stated herein, or a warranty upgrade has been purchased, all warranty service including telephone support will be provided Monday through Friday, 8AM to 5PM, Customer site local time, excluding locally observed holidays. Days and specific hours may vary by country, please contact SGI for details of the warranty deliverables that may be applicable to that country. Additional terms and conditions apply as provided below.

After you notify SGI of a defect in the Equipment in accordance with SGI's Limited Hardware Warranty set forth herein, SGI will, dependent on the type of Equipment involved, either (i) provide a replacement part to you or repair your part after you have returned the defective part to SGI (a Replacement), (ii) send a replacement part to you in advance of your return of the defective part to SGI (an Advance Replacement), or (iii) send a service representative to your site to replace the defective part in your Equipment (an On-Site Replacement*).

In order to qualify for an Advance Replacement, you agree and acknowledge that (a) you will promptly pack the defective part for shipment in the replacement packaging in which the part was shipped to you and return it to the address on the packaging, postage prepaid, and (b) if you do not return the defective part within ten (10) days after you received the replacement part, SGI will invoice you for, and you will pay to SGI, the then-current list price of such part.

In the case of On-Site Replacement, you agree that you will allow the service representative to remove the defective part from your site after the Equipment has been serviced. Additionally, please note that it is advisable to always back up all data saved on your system. Neither SGI nor any service representative shall be liable for the loss of any data that may occur during an On-Site Replacement visit.

*Note: In the event that it is determined by SGI or a service representative, during an On-Site Replacement visit, that your warranty is expired or voided, you will be required to pay "time and material" in order to have your Equipment repaired. Product prices do not include installation except as otherwise set forth in SGI's then-current installation policy.

Hardware Upgrades, Replacement Parts and/or Components
Subject to the terms and conditions set forth in SGI's Limited Hardware Warranty, hardware upgrades or replacement parts and/or components added to an existing system, as originally configured by SGI, shall be covered with return-to-factory warranty for the duration of the original warranty period, or 90 days, whichever is greater.

In Europe and the Middle East, hardware upgrades and/or components purchased shall be warranted for six (6) months from the date of installation, unless otherwise stated on the quotation.

Equipment upgrades or replacement parts and/or components added to an existing system must be entitled with the same service level coverage as the upgraded system.

Next-Business Day On-Site Response
If your standard product warranty includes Next-Business Day On-Site Response, the following terms and conditions shall be applicable:

  1. 1. Customer installation site must be located within fifty (50) miles or eighty (80) kilometers of the nearest SGI service office to receive the next-business-day on-site response. If your site is located more than 50 miles/80 kms from an SGI service office, additional charges may be applicable. In addition, for Zone 2, response time may be affected as set forth below and you will be responsible to reimburse reasonable travel expenses incurred by SGI to provide service to the location.
    ZoneDistance from SGI Service LocationTarget Response Time
    10 to 50 Miles
    0 to 80 Kilometers
    Standard - Next Business Day
    2Greater than 50 Miles
    or 80 Kilometers
    Next Business Day on a Commercially Reasonable Effort Basis or Second Business Day
  2. Your notification to SGI of a defect in the Equipment in accordance with the Limited Hardware Warranty set forth herein, must be received by SGI not later than 5:00 PM, Customer site time, for next business day on-site response. Notifications of defects received by SGI after 5:00 PM, Customer site time, shall be considered to have been received the following business day.
  3. If replacement parts are required to be shipped to the local area, on-site response will be delayed until the replacement part(s) are available. SGI will use commercially reasonable efforts to ship necessary replacement parts for receipt within one (1) business day after fault isolation.
  4. Next business day on-site response shall be subject to the availability of Customer personnel at the site to assist the SGI service technician as may be required.
  5. Next business day on-site response may be delayed due to inclement weather, hazardous driving conditions, acts of God, and other circumstances beyond SGI's reasonable control that, in SGI's judgment, may be unsafe for the SGI service technician. Reasonable efforts will be made to provide on-site response when such circumstances are no longer applicable.

SGI Remote Services

  1. You will allow the installation and use of monitoring agent software on SGI Remote Services supported system(s).
  2. You will provide SGI with login access to the SGI Remote Services supported system(s) for the exclusive purpose of performing monitoring and fault notification by SGI customer support personnel. SGI will not share such login access information with any third party.
  3. You will make all reasonable efforts to support and cooperate with SGI in utilizing SGI Remote Services to perform monitoring and fault notification, diagnosis and resolution of issues requiring support remotely, for example, starting and executing tests or diagnostic programs, providing all necessary information, or performing remedial activities upon request.
  4. Issues identified through SGI Remote Services will be addressed in accordance with the service level agreement specified in your contract with SGI. Escalation of issues will follow SGI's standard policies and processes.
  5. Reports available to you regarding the system(s) under SGI Remote Services support, issues, etc. shall, unless otherwise agreed by SGI, be presented in a format and contain report data as specified by SGI.

Customer Warranty Obligations
You will promptly notify SGI of any failures or bugs in the Product, and provide SGI with any reasonable assistance in performing its obligations hereunder, including cooperating with SGI's Support personnel in performing reasonable Product testing, and allowing access to the Product and information relating to any problem you report to SGI. Further, you agree to the following:

  1. Equipment Support. You must: (i) maintain Equipment in a location that conforms to the environmental conditions listed in the appropriate SGI documentation; (ii) notify SGI of any configuration changes to the Equipment; (iii) notify SGI of your intent to move Equipment and hold SGI harmless from damage resulting from such a move; (iv) include all Equipment components (designated by SGI part or model number) in a system under Support; (v) allow, subject to your reasonable security requirements, SGI SSEs full and unconditional access to the Equipment; (vi) ensure free and non-delayed passage of SGI SSEs, their support tools and exchange of replacement parts; (vii) completely disclose to SGI any potential safety or health hazards existing at the site and provide safety procedures to be followed while at the site; (viii) provide, at no charge to SGI, working space, electricity, and access to a local telephone line for the SSE; and (ix) have an authorized representative present during Support at all times or agree to reschedule Support. Failure to comply with these obligations will require you to assume additional responsibilities which may include, but are not limited to: uplifts for Equipment maintained in a legally-mandated security environment such as a United States Government classified program which restricts the free exchange of parts or access by SGI SSEs.
  2. Additional Information. You may be asked for additional information to assist your CSC technician or SSE, such as, but not limited to: (i) serial number or solution ID of Equipment, (ii) error message or problem description, and/or (iii) information related to any software or third party components you are using that are not covered under this Agreement. Additionally, your CSC technician or SSE may require that you load another version of the Operating System onto your computer system to determine whether the problem is reproducible. You also agree that the completeness and accuracy of the information which you provide to your CSC Technician or SSE will affect SGI's ability to resolve your problem in a timely manner.
  3. Replacement Exchange Parts. If your standard product warranty includes Advanced Parts Exchange or Customer Replaceable Units (CRUs), and SGI ships you replacement exchange parts, SGI will ship such parts for your receipt within one (1) business day after fault isolation, or as soon as commercially reasonable. Such parts will be new parts, or parts which perform as new parts. You will: (i) promptly pack the defective part(s) for shipment in the replacement part's packaging and return the defective part to the address on the packaging, postage prepaid; and (ii) if you do not return the defective part within ten (10) days after your receipt of a replacement part, SGI will contact you and request a purchase order for the then current list price for the replacement part; and (iii) if the defective part or purchase order are not received by SGI within thirty (30) days, service for all Equipment under this Agreement will be suspended until the defective part is returned to SGI or an acceptable purchase order for the replacement part is delivered to SGI.

    Defective parts that you return to SGI become SGI's property; parts that SGI provides to you in exchange for such defective parts become your property. SGI will accept a maximum two (2) requests for parts from you to repair a specific problem. If the part provided in the second instance does not resolve the problem, SGI will make a recommendation regarding problem resolution that may involve SGI visiting your site. Except for any damage you may have caused to the Equipment, you will not be obligated for payment of the replacement parts required to solve the problem during an SGI on-site service call. You will be obligated to pay for SGI's actual time, travel and per diem charges.

  4. Customer Replaceable Units. The following Customer Replaceable Unit ("CRU") policy is in effect for all new warranty and Support Services customers. If a failed part under warranty or a Support Service Plan is classified as a CRU, SGI will ship the customer a new part in lieu of onsite SGI Field Engineer response. The customer is then responsible for promptly installing the replacement part and shipping the failed part back to SGI. It is important to note that our CRUs can be installed and replaced by the customer's support staff which enables a quick restoration to proper system operation. The SGI Product User Guide has procedures to assist with the replacement of these components that can be found here. The CSC will be available during your Support hours for assistance. Onsite support by an SGI Service Representative can be contracted separately if necessary, additional charges may apply. Please refer to Customer Replaceable Units for additional details.
  5. Software and Data. You are responsible for the prompt download and installation of all patches, workarounds, and available fixes. You are responsible to perform regular program and data backups.
  6. Remote Access. You are responsible to ensure SGI's full and unconditional access to any remote diagnostic tools provided by SGI and to promptly install on your system any additional remote diagnostics tools provided to you by SGI.
  7. Hardware Repair via Return Material Authorization (RMA). If you discover a defect in the Equipment during the Warranty Period, contact your local SGI Customer Support Center or SGI Service Provider to initiate the RMA process. In certain cases, SGI will require for you to return an entire blade system or only the failed component. A letter with the repair center address to which parts should be shipped, along with the RMA authorization number, will be provided upon logging a support case. Prior to shipment of Equipment to SGI, you are required to detach all third party or non-SGI hardware and de-install any third party or non-SGI software. SGI will make all commercially reasonable efforts to return repaired parts/blades to you within 10 calendar days. Freight to send failed components to SGI or its designated repair center is your responsibility. Freight to return repaired components are paid for by SGI unless such components are found not to be defective by SGI.

Software Media Warranty and Telephone Support
All SGI Software includes a limited warranty with license purchase. The applicable warranty period begins on the date of the original shipment from SGI for a period of thirty (30) days and warrants that the media on which the Software is furnished will be free of defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and that the Software substantially conforms to published specifications. In no event does SGI warrant that the Software is error free, that you will be able to operate the Software without problems or interruptions, or that the Software will comply with your specifications.

For certain Software, SGI will provide limited telephone support for a period of thirty (30) days. Telephone technical support will include available Software patches and Software workarounds and generally available fixes to common SGI Software issues; however, such support shall not include consulting services or any other software development. Software updates are not included. This support applies only to operating systems preinstalled by SGI.

Spare Parts Warranty
Spare Parts that are purchased but not added to an existing computer system, as originally configured by SGI, or that are added to an existing computer system not currently under SGI warranty or a valid SGI support contract applicable to the existing computer system, are provided without warranty, either expressed or implied, of any kind, except to the extent otherwise required by law.

Solid State Drives (SSDs)
Warranty support for SSDs will be provided for the duration of the warranty period stated in the Limited Hardware Warranty or until the SSD has reached its write endurance threshold as determined by SGI using the tool(s) recommended or suggested by the SSD original equipment manufacturer, whichever occurs first. Upon reaching this write endurance threshold, you shall have the option of purchasing new, replacement media from SGI or continuing Support of the existing SSD on a time and materials basis. In the event new media are purchased from SGI, this media will replace existing media having reached its write endurance and will be supported in accordance with an active Agreement.

Replacement Disk Products
SGI sources disk products from multiple Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) whenever possible to ensure availability of replacement parts. SGI may, at its discretion, use alternate disk products to effect repairs on your system. SGI will use reasonable efforts to ensure that disk products used in repairs/replacement will have published specifications that are equal to or better than the originally furnished disk product. Replacement disk products selected by SGI will meet or exceed the original disk's physical block size and RPM specifications as published by the original disk's OEM. Actual performance of the original or the replacement disk product is subject to your unique operating environment and use, all of which are outside of SGI's direct control and therefore cannot be guaranteed or warranted. Should an approved alternate disk not perform within your environment at the same level as the original, a support case should be opened with SGI. SGI will attempt to determine if the replacement disk product is incompatible in general use, or only within your unique environment. If the former is true, SGI will attempt to source another disk product of at least equivalent OEM specifications that may have greater compatibility. If the latter is true, SGI will work with you to develop a replacement strategy that meets your needs. Such a strategy may result in additional cost to the Customer.

Warranty Exclusions
SGI's Limited Warranty excludes:

  1. Repair or replacement of Customer consumable items such as batteries, mouse pointing devices, ink, toner, or paper used by a printer which may be connected to the Equipment, lamps, and any structure components (including screens, frames, cabinets, etc.).
  2. Repair or replacement of Equipment that has been damaged through no fault of SGI by abuse, accident, act of God or War, misuse, misapplication, improper installation, shipment or environmental factors (e.g. electrical power anomalies, temperature, shock or humidity).
  3. Repair or replacement of Equipment that has been modified or has had its serial number removed or altered.
  4. Repair or replacement of components, parts or assemblies added to Equipment by anyone other than an authorized SGI Support representative.
  5. Repair or replacement of Equipment with cosmetic defects and normal wear and tear.
  6. Repair or replacement of monitors that have been defaced or locked-down or are damaged due to etched or burned-in screens.
  7. Responsibility or liability for any loss of or damage to Software, data or removable storage media.
  8. Support for Products not supplied by SGI, responsibility or liability for the performance or nonperformance of such Products, the services provided by the suppliers thereof, or incompatibility between SGI Products and such third party hardware and/or software.