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Accelerate Time to Discovery, Innovation and Profitability

SGI helps companies find answers to the world’s biggest challenges. Our commitment to innovation is unwavering and focused on delivering high performance solutions for compute, data management, and data analytics. Our solutions provide unmatched performance, scalability and efficiency for a broad range of customers.


A heritage delivering the world's fastest HPC environments enables today's most advanced Compute Solutions that:
  • Provide unprecedented speed, scalability and flexibility
  • Innovate to deliver extraordinary efficiency and productivity

Data Management

Proven, world-class solutions that help overcome complexity. Enable high performance computing environments with:
  • Highly scalable performance, capacity and throughput
  • Manage data at scale, while minimizing costs

Data Analytics

From the fastest supercomputers to record-breaking clusters to Big Data storage, our solutions enable business and government to:
  • Extract insights with greater speed, scale, and efficiency
  • Unlock value lying within vast and disparate pools of data