SGI® DataRaptor™ with MarkLogic® Database

Across all industries Big Data has turned into one of the big topics of the year, Hadoop - one of the key solutions - is going mainstream. SGI has been working with many customers on large (1500+ nodes) Hadoop cluster deployments, mostly used to understand patterns in unstructured and semi-structured datasets. A number of customers are starting to go beyond analysis, building Big Data applications, and driving the growing need for an operational database with the necessary middleware to allow for rapid development of a new breed of applications. MarkLogic is the only operational database technology for Mission-Critical Big Data Applications available today.

MarkLogic's operational database enables real-time Big Data applications at any volume with any data. These applications are able to leverage structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data in real-time, empowering organizations to create mission-critical applications and to develop new business models. By combining MarkLogic's operational database with SGI's expertise in high performance computing and data storage solutions, organizations can quickly and easily deploy a complete, scalable Big Data platform. The SGI DataRaptor with MarkLogic Database enables organizations to spend less time deploying software and hardware and more time building applications.

SGI and MarkLogic are delivering the world's first Big Data database appliance:

  • Fastest way to deploy and scale MarkLogic operational database.

    Whether a customer is deploying MarkLogic for the first time or needs to add capacity, the SGI DataRaptor with MarkLogic Database is the most expedient way to do it: no guess work on the best configuration, choose between capacity optimized or performance optimized versions.

  • Plug In and GO.

    The SGI DataRaptor with MarkLogic Database is integrated and tested at the rack level in the SGI manufacturing facility. Starting at five nodes with 80 cores, the appliance includes compute, storage, networking and software installed and ready to go in as little as 60 minutes after delivery.

  • To get started, contact SGI about an easy-to-deploy SGI DataRaptor with MarkLogic Database.