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In government, scientific research, energy and manufacturing, you will find SGI Compute Solutions hard at work solving some of the world's toughest problems. From the largest and fastest supercomputers to advanced software for system and power management, these Compute Solutions provide an unprecedented combination of speed, scalability and power efficiency. From scale-up to scale-out computing, SGI offers a comprehensive range of industry-leading solutions with world-record performance.

Scale Up Solutions

The leading coherent shared-memory architecture in the industry today is the SGI® UV™. Based entirely on open standards, SGI UV is the ideal platform to accelerate the pace of innovation. It is the world's largest in-memory system, with up to 64 TBs of shared memory, and operates like a single workstation allowing you to scale without complexity.

Also in the world of scale up, SGI's forthcoming appliance for in-memory database management systems will deliver on the vision of operational simplicity and seamless scale within a single-node architecture. As a result, customers can do real-time analytics beyond the current 8-socket threshold of traditional x86-based single-node architectures.

Scale Out Solutions

The fastest distributed memory platform for over three years, as well as being four out of the top five most power-efficient supercomputers, is the SGI® ICE™ X. Built entirely on industry-standard hardware and software components, SGI ICE X is the fastest commercial supercomputer and leads the industry in performance per watt for a standard x86 system.

Servers providing value-driven density, performance and capacity include our SGI® Rackable® line. They enable simplified cluster management and are available with complete factory-integration. The SGI® InfiniteData™ Cluster offers breakthrough density with extreme scale-out performance and was developed especially for demanding Big Data analytical workloads such as Hadoop.

Easily Managed, Fully Integrated Environment

SGI's comprehensive management and performance software stack is available for all compute solutions. And fully integrated SGI® InfiniteStorage™ systems enable a broad range of storage alternatives for high performance file-level and block-level access. Both scale-up and scale-out coprocessing solutions are available to tackle any type of problem in scientific research, product development and homeland security.

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