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Data Analytics Solutions

Gain Insights with Greater Speed, Scale, and Efficiency

The enterprise is awash in data. From ecommerce and social media to machine sensors and video monitors, data is arriving in volume, with velocity, and of variety far greater than ever experienced. Unlocking value lying within these vast and disparate pools of data through analytics can yield substantial advantages for business and government agencies. SGI High Performance Solutions for Data Analytics help you unlock value at greater speed, scale, and efficiency.

SGI's leadership in data analytics derives from deep expertise in High Performance Computing (HPC) and over two decades delivering many of the world's fastest supercomputers. SGI also has a world-renowned track record for helping customers efficiently and reliably manage high-volume data environments. Leveraging this experience enables business and government agencies to perform data analytics faster and achieve greater insights.

High Performance Solutions for Data Analytics

Data analytics is essentially the process of sifting through data, encompassing searching, ranking, comparing, looking for patterns, or spotting anomalies. For "Big Data" it's beyond the ability of single computers and conventional analytics tools. It requires High Performance Computing.

The type of HPC system is dependent upon the profile of the data:

  • Can you break data into chunks or do you need to process all at once - think of Haystacks vs. Hay
  • Can you perform analysis in batches - or do you need to allow for changes or additions to the data while analyzing?
  • Do you understand how data is related, or are you unsure where to look?
  • Are data relationships moderately complex or highly complex?
  • Can you wait hours to days, or do you need results in seconds to minutes

For analysis in chunks and allowing hours to a day or more for results, an HPC cluster with the Apache® Hadoop™ framework is ideal - and for which SGI has been at the forefront with tens of thousands of Hadoop nodes in operation. Complementing the SGI® Rackable® line, SGI® InfiniteData™ Cluster is recognized as delivering two or more times the compute and storage capacity per rack of any competing offering. Optimized for Hadoop, InfiniteData Cluster solutions arrive factory-integrated with Red Hat Linux and ready for installation with your preferred Hadoop distribution (not included).

Analyzing data in chunks that has been given an organizational structure can reduce time to value in minutes. This is especially helpful when analyzing data in multiple ways and progressively over time. InfiniteData Cluster can also be leveraged for NoSQL deployments utilizing OpenSource offerings such as HBASE, Casandra and MongoDB. Furthermore, coupling SGI Rackable servers provides added flexibility to host the broader Apache stack from Scoop for data import/export to SPARK for distributed in-memory computing.

For data volumes with hidden or highly complex relationships, or to achieve time to value in seconds, a shared memory system is required. The SGI® UV™ line offers the industry's most powerful in-memory computing systems with unsurpassed scalability, single-system simplicity, and widely proven SGI technology.

Our Professional Services team and 3rd party experts will work closely with business lines and your IT organization design and deliver a complete solution that best meets your objectives. For High Performance Solutions for Data Analytics, look to SGI.