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SGI® Hadoop Solutions

High Density, Performance and Scale for Big Data Analytics


Historically utilized for complex, computationally intensive problems, High Performance Computing (HPC) is now being applied to the rapidly emerging field of Big Data analytics. And when relationships within data sets are generally understood, enterprises are turning to the open source computing framework Apache™ Hadoop®. SGI has been a driving force in HPC for nearly two decades and drawing upon our expertise building the world's fastest Supercomputers, SGI was at the forefront of Hadoop with cluster installations now reaching tens of thousands nodes.

SGI InfiniteData Cluster for Hadoop
The potential gains surrounding Big Data are far reaching - and also present new challenges: how to derive value at greater speed, scale, and efficiency. Part of a comprehensive suite of HPC solutions for Big Data analytics, SGI InfiniteData Cluster is designed to meet this challenge and enable business and government agencies to leverage Hadoop with faster, greater insight and at lower cost.

Optimized Performance in Half the Footprint
Featuring a 1:1 core to storage spindle ratio utilizing dual, 6-core Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v2 processors and up to twelve hard drives per server/storage tray, InfiniteData Cluster delivers forty 2U cluster nodes and 1.9PB in a single rack - over 2X the density per rack of any enterprise-class HPC cluster solution.

Save 100s to 1,000s of Man Hours
InfiniteData Cluster solutions for Hadoop are factory-integrated with Red Hat Linux and SGI Management Center and arrive pre-racked and pre-tested, ready for installation with your preferred Hadoop distribution (not included).

Flexible Architecture with Unparalleled Scalability
InfiniteData Cluster is designed for maximum flexibility and to expand as your data and compute needs grow. Solutions can start with a small number of cluster nodes in a single rack, or encompass multiple racks with thousands of nodes and linear scalability.

Superior Serviceability and SGI Energy Efficiency
All InfiniteData Cluster components are cold-aisle accessible to support hot-aisle/cold-aisle floor plans and to further lower energy costs, trays utilize high efficiency power supplies and require less than 10W per tray for cooling.

Expert Services Coupled with Cloudera Certification
If you need assistance architecting your Hadoop environment, SGI Services and partner affiliations can fulfill your needs. Additionally, InfiniteData Cluster Solutions for Hadoop are Cloudera certified and fully interoperable with Cloudera's Big Data analytics partner community.