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Signals and Imagery Intelligence

Government and military intelligence organizations must collect and process massive amounts of raw data from a wide variety of sources to extract actionable intelligence. Higher resolution satellites, multi-modal sensors, unmanned aerial/underwater vehicles and other input sources are driving an explosion in data available for Signals Intelligence (SigInt) and Imagery Intelligence (ImInt). However, the challenge of rapidly collecting, processing, visualizing and sharing these assets as they move through the analytic decision cycle is daunting.

SGI solutions play a critical role in enabling governments and defense customers to collect, process, analyze, archive and exploit massive amounts of complex data, so that critical decisions can be made and communicated with greater speed and confidence. SGI provides the integrated infrastructure that accelerates decisions cycles, delivering the right information to the right decision makers at the right time.

SGI's highly scalable and feature-rich systems and InfiniteStorage architectures enable SigInt and ImInt analysts to:

  • Deliver true real-time decision support. The SGI® UV server has a unique ability to process massive volumes of data faster than any competing server -- without latency and without discarding data.
  • Ensure data protection, integrity and security. Critical information assets and applications must be secure, redundant from equipment failures or user error. Continuous 24/7 availability around the clock operational mode meets the needs of world-wide security and intelligence operations today. SGI offers a flexible array of options.
  • "Right size" the hardware platform. Memory, compute power, and the data I/O are all independently scalable on the SGI UV system, unlike any other server on the market. Furthermore, SGI's unique data-centric storage architecture can be tailored to reduce storage complexity, streamline management, increase performance, improve availability, and reduce TCO.
  • Provide a low TCO and low risk solution. The SGI UV server uses an open-source operating system, Intel processors, and commodity memory. The "secret sauce" of the SGI UV server is focused where the impact is biggest: on the shared memory system architecture using NUMAflex® technology.