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Network-Centric Operations

Military transformation depends on real-time information sharing to make time critical decisions. Inherent in this process are network-centric operations (NCO) that integrate the isolated air, land, sea, and space-based systems that gather, process, and disseminate vital information. NCO enhance information sharing and collaboration to improve the quality of information and shared situational awareness.

The SGI family of feature-rich, high performance SGI® UV servers and storage arrays running open source Linux are uniquely suited for the demanding and continuous 24/7 operations of the networked battlespace and the daily intelligence cycle. SGI technology enables the seamless integration of command, control, communications, computers and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (C4ISR) systems. SGI core competencies for NCO in critical C4ISR applications include:

  • Most scalable COTS server technology running industry standard Linux
  • Industrial strength storage write/read on extensive SAN/NAS solution sets
  • Highest storage density, lowest cost, power and cooling on the market today
  • Best-in-class robust file system and archiver from data ingest through retrieval

With these competencies combined with a dedicated focus on Government and Defense programs, SGI specializes in delivering solutions that contribute to the speed, agility, and flexibility of the military and intelligence community. SGI network-centric solutions are designed to:

  • Enhance the quality and timeliness of real-time information
  • Produce shared situational awareness across operation centers
  • Provide critical information and ensure knowledge superiority
  • Reduce time to act and react to threats both home and abroad