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Computational Electromagnetics

Computational Electromagnetics (CEM) is an important tool for development of consumer products as well as for predicting and analyzing high-frequency radar signatures. These tools are utilized to evaluate interference reduction in electronic designs for component integration and compliance with FCC standards. The SGI® ICE™ product line based on Intel® Xeon® processors combined with our remote visualization solution SGI® VizServer® and storage technologies provide efficient and cost-effective simulation environments for these CEM applications, which enable engineering teams to improve product geometries and coating materials without having to perform experimentation on costly physical prototypes.

SGI solutions for CEM maximize computational throughput and enhance the engineer's understanding of the effects of various design and process changes. Visualization, and large shared memory can be integrated into a powerful solution tied together by a single, shared-file system that provides:

  • Capability to do more complex analyses on a greater variety of scenarios
  • Highest-resolution capabilities for simulations
  • Dramatic speedup in analysis time
  • Optimized performance of CEM software applications
  • Access to critical data where and when it is needed, so the engineering team can focus on creativity and innovation-not data management