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Computational Fluid Dynamics

Computational Fluid Dynamics is a time-consuming and performance-intensive activity. The large global shared-memory of architecture of the SGI® UV® product line delivers the scalability and performance required of complex physical modeling that includes multi-phase flows, chemistry, combustion, and spray. The SGI® ICE servers deliver unmatched memory bandwidth for cluster performance and superior configuration flexibility for both capacity and capability.

The SGI UV and SGI ICE servers running on industry standard Linux® operating systems dominate real-world application tests and provide options for complex simultions. SGI® InfiniteStorage technology delivers optimal efficiency for storing, organizing, accessing and managing data. Combining these computing and storage technologies, SGI® Solutions for CFD enable design engineers and analysis professionals to deliver superior product design more quickly by providing:

  • Capability to do more complex analyses on a greater variety of fluid flow problems
  • Dramatic speed up in application run time
  • Optimized performance of CFD software applications
  • Access to critical data where and when it is needed, so the product development team can focus on creativity and innovation-not data management

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