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Computational Structural Mechanics

SGI offers two complementary server architectures: the SGI® UV product line based on Intel® Xeon® series 7500 processors and the SGI® ICE product line based on Intel® Xeon® or AMD Opteron™ processors. SGI works closely with simulation software providers to ensure applications are optimized and parallelized for our servers. The large global shared-memory of architecture of the SGI UV product line delivers the scalability and performance required of complex physical modeling that includes plastic rupture, composites, and unique material properties The SGI UV servers deliver unmatched memory bandwidth for cluster performance and superior configuration flexibility for both capacity and capability. The SGI UV and ICE servers running on industry standard Linux® operating systems dominate real-world application tests and provide options for complex simutions. SGI® InfiniteStorage technology delivers optimal efficiency for storing, organizing, accessing and managing data. Combining these computing and storage technologies, SGI Solutions for CSM enable design engineers and analysis professionals to deliver superior product design more quickly by providing:

  • Capability to do more complex analyses on detailed components and subassemblies
  • Dramatic speed up in application run time
  • Significant reduction in costly engineering changes late in the design cycle
  • Optimized performance of CSM software applications
  • Access to critical data where and when it is needed, so the product development team can focus on creativity and innovation-not data management

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