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Big Data Infrastructures and Asset Management for the Digital Universe

SGI delivers the most comprehensive suite of purpose-built storage appliances, software and hardware for 2K and 4K workflows in the industry. Whenever digital video, audio or images are a file type, SGI's high-performance storage solutions, asset preservation and Big Data analytics solutions combine to deliver the most robust set of digital asset monetization solutions.

Built upon XFS, one of the most prolific high-performance file systems in the world, Clustered XFS (CXFS) is uniquely capable of delivering the performance you require at a fraction of the price of expensive competitive software and appliances. No dropped frames, no expensive metadata SSD and no specialty defragmentation software are necessary with CXFS.

  • SGI's CXFS SAN/NAS File System combined with InfiniteStorage RAID delivers the performance necessary for 4K workflows across Mac, Windows and Linux.
  • Unlike other solutions that require expensive SSD for quick metadata operations, CXFS's patented file allocation algorithm provides ultra-high shared storage 4K performances without excessive fragmentation.
  • Guaranteed Rate IO (GRIOv2) is uniquely SGI. GRIOv2 provides applications or nodes an interface to control the I/O rates necessary to optimize your 4K workflows.

As a pioneer and leader in digital content management and production, SGI has delivered solutions at the core of some of the largest and most demanding video, audio and imaging production environments. While other companies deliver archiving products that move data, SGI provides useful digital asset preservation solutions that help you to monetize valuable assets for decades to come.

SGI begins with helping to identify what assets are candidates for preservation, indexes those assets for easy search and retrieval, then securely protects those assets for as long as necessary, even forever.

  • Mediaflux is uniquely capable of low-latency indexing both metadata and content without sacrificing a standard file system interface. The simple GUI interface provides robust search capabilities, multi-site federation, replication and single-instance storage functionality.
  • For secure long-term asset preservation, SGI's DMF software has proven itself in the worlds most demanding XFS and CXFS environments with target storage destinations that include Tape, MAID, Disk, Private Cloud and, in the future, the Public Cloud.