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Oil & Gas

Solutions for Upstream Workflows


SGI solutions are designed from the ground up to meet the demands of the energy industry. Whether you are storing and processing raw seismic data acquired in the Gulf of Mexico, processing and archiving it in London, interpreting it in Beijing or running reservoir simulations in the Middle East, SGI solutions provide integrated high-performance computing, storage and visualization capabilities that support your business goals and provide practical solutions to computer center infrastructure and system management issues.

Data Acquisition and Quality Control

SGI offers end-to-end data acquisition and quality control solutions that won't stop when you're taking data. These solutions build on SGI's extensive experience building high-bandwidth data-streaming solutions for Government and Media customers, and fit in tight spaces so they can be deployed where seismic data is collected.

Seismic Imaging

Whether you need 16 or 16,000 CPU cores for your seismic imaging, SGI offers solutions that optimize performance and minimize the impact on existing computer room infrastructure and system management. Computing and storage are pre-integrated to your specifications, and offer peak operating efficiency and flexibility by using the latest Intel® Xeon® CPUs, high bandwidth interconnects, and integrated I/O

Reservoir Management

As demand outpaces new discoveries, greater emphasis is being placed on simulation driven reservoir management. However, not all reservoir simulations are the same, so SGI offers a choice of integrated cluster solutions and scalable shared memory solutions running Linux® that offer unified I/O and single system management advantages.

Data Management

Data is the lifeblood of the energy industry, and fast access to current data and retrieval of historical data can accelerate exploration, lead to increased production, and reduce overall project risks. SGI offers a family of high-performance storage and file virtualization solutions that offer performance, features and value that maximize team performance and computing efficiency while reducing both capital expenses and operating costs.


For individual seismic interpretation and asset team workflow optimization, powerful and flexible visualization solutions are a requirement. SGI offers remote visualization solutions that support application service provider or local service provider thin-client visualization architectures, and customized, integrated multi-application team visualization environments that accelerate decisions in time-critical interpretation and drilling environments.