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Mathematical Modeling and Statistics

SGI enables scientists and engineers to accelerate scientific research with innovative, interactive capabilities that allow them to focus on algorithm development while benefiting from the power of high performance computing.

Tools like MATLAB and Mathematica have long been used on desktop computers to interactively develop and debug algorithms. However, the size and complexity of the problem that could be analyzed were limited by the memory capacity and compute power of the desktop system, so users would often spend months recoding algorithms into C, C++, Fortran and MPI to take advantage of high performance computers. SGI® UV™ from SGI manages this problem by providing shared memory capabilities in three expandable, cost-effective models. SGI® ICE™ bladed cluster and Rackable® cluster solutions are also available, for compute-intensive applications.

  • Dramatically reduced application prototyping and development time
  • Significantly improved quality of applications with more opportunities to refine algorithms
  • Increased model sizes and algorithm complexity
  • Reduced need for specialized high performance computing programmers
  • Reduced time to market

SGI also offers SGI® InfiniteStorage™ solutions for superior data storage and management, delivering top performance and superior configuration flexibility in a cost-effective solution that is easy to build and deploy.