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Real-Time Business at Extreme Scale
The ability to combine database and application platform capabilities in-memory with SAP HANA is truly game-changing. Imagine if your operations, financial, research, or marketing teams could operate in real-time. Now imagine leveraging SAP HANA in your organization at extreme scale and lower total cost of ownership. SGI makes this possible.

Converging transactional and analytic workloads often warrants a single-node system for SAP HANA to meet performance objectives. Significant advantages can be gained with a single-node system to realize the business breakthroughs of SAP® S/4HANA, when performing advanced analytics, and consolidating applications and IT infrastructure. Furthermore, single-node systems alleviate administrative complexity and challenges providing high availability (HA) that clustered systems can pose.

Building on SGI's globally proven and unique scale-up architecture, SGI UV 300H is a model of the SGI UV 300 supercomputer designed for large or growing SAP HANA environments. Currently SAP-certified as a 4-, 8-, 12*-, 16*, or 20*-socket system with up to 15TBs* of computing capacity, UV 300H is designed to scale to 32 sockets and 24TB of cache-coherent shared memory as a single node.

Overcome Challenges of
Clustered Appliances

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Single-Node Performance and Simplicity
SGI UV 300H enables you to run SAP Business Suite and other SAP applications on HANA across your large enterprise. It combines OLTP and OLAP workloads and eliminates the time-consuming extract, transform, and load processes to generate real-time reports on demand. You can perform complex joins and multi-engine analytics including text, geo-spatial, and live data streaming, at massive scale. And you can consolidate applications and eliminate silos.

The single-node architecture of UV 300H also allows enterprises to run applications free from the overhead of clusters. There are no cluster nodes, cluster network, or SAN to configure and administer. And there's no need for data partitioning or re-balancing when increasing system size, as performance scales near linearly and automatically.

Solution Flexibility: SAP HANA Appliance or TDI
Featuring Intel® Xeon® E7 8890 v2 15-core processors and pre-installed with SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server, UV 300H leverages 7th-generation SGI NUMAlink technology and over 100 SGI patents for in-memory computing. SGI offers a choice in deployment for on-premise, hosted, or cloud environments. Coupling UV 300H with NetApp E2700 RAID for data and log backup and pre-configured with SAP HANA, SGI® UV™ for SAP HANA® is a fully-integrated and truly unparalleled HANA appliance. SAP provides licensing for HANA and first-line appliance support. To leverage existing enterprise storage such as EMC VNX or VMAX offerings, UV 300H is an ideal future-proof system for SAP HANA Tailored Datacenter Integration (TDI). For either an appliance or TDI, SGI UV 300H solution configurations are deployed by SGI professional services to further accelerate time to value.

* under controlled availability for ›8 sockets and ›6TBs