The SGI Newsletter December 2016

The National Center for Atmospheric Research's Supercomputer "Cheyenne" Recognized on TOP500 as it Nears Installation
Earlier this year, the National Center for Atmosphere Research (NCAR) chose an HPE/SGI ICE XA system to facilitate the development of more advanced climate and weather models. Today, the system named "Cheyenne," is ranked #20 on the 48th edition of the industry's TOP500 list, recognized for its powerful support for large system needs in weather and climate simulations.

HPE and SGI Receive Six Prestigious HPCwire Awards for HPC Innovation
HPE and the newly acquired SGI are joining forces to tackle some of the world's largest challenges, while conserving time, money, and valuable IT resources. By combining HPE's best-in-class HPC solutions and SGI's in-memory, high-performance data analytics capabilities, customers have access to one of the industry's most comprehensive solution portfolios. Those who successfully adopt and deploy these cutting-edge technologies will have the ability to derive value from vast quantities of data, streamline business operations, and ensure a competitive edge.

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SGI Paves the Way to the Future with HPE at SC16
In this video from SC16, Gabriel Broner from SGI describes the company's full breadth of HPC solutions. Recently acquired by Hewlett Packard Enterprise, SGI's product technologies such as the SGI ICE XA system and SGI UV big memory systems will continue to offer unique value for HPC customers on the road to Exascale.
Meet Pleiades, NASA's Most Powerful Supercomputer
The Pleiades supercomputer at NASA's Ames Research Center, recently named the 13th fastest supercomputer in the world, provides scientists and researchers high-fidelity numerical modeling of complex systems and processes. By using detailed analyses and visualizations of large-scale data, Pleiades is helping to advance human knowledge and technology, from designing the next generation of aircraft and spacecraft to understanding the Earth's climate and the mysteries of our galaxy.
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