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August 23, 2010
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arrow right Team Led by Professor Stephen Hawking Chooses SGI® Altix® UV to Accelerate Space Research

Professor Stephen Hawking
Professor Hawking Inspects
Altix UV Installation
The UK Computational Cosmology Consortium (COSMOS), which has been using SGI HPC solutions since 1997, recently announced that it has chosen to upgrade its system with the purchase of SGI Altix UV 1000 which employs the latest Intel® Xeon® processors (Nehalem EX). The consortium primarily focuses its studies on the origin of the universe, cosmic microwave background radiation and the formation of large-scale structure. Led by Professor Stephen Hawking, the consortium uses SGI equipment to compare theories of the early universe against observations of the present universe.

In this most recent installation, Altix UV will help cosmologists answer questions at the foundation of our understanding of how the universe came to be, of what it is made, how it has evolved, and what its future holds. [Full story] [Related Site]

arrow right Stanford University Deploys SGI Solutions to Accelerate Research on Solar Variability
Stanford DeploymentThe Hansen Experimental Physics Laboratory Solar Observatories Group at Stanford University has selected SGI server and storage infrastructure to support the Solar Dynamic Observatory (SDO) group's critical research on the origin of solar variability. The SDO strives to understand the characteristics of the Sun's interior and the components of its magnetic activity to help forecast space weather, and relies on SGI's technology to receive, process and archive massive amounts of data. [Full story]
arrow right SGI Partners with DARPA, Intel and Other Industry Leaders to Deliver Exascale Supercomputer Systems
Altix at Darpa SGI is partnering with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), Intel and other industry leaders to develop a future computing architecture that will overcome the limitations of the current evolutionary approach. DARPA's Ubiquitous High Performance Computing (UHPC) program will develop an innovative, revolutionary generation of computing systems that will offer extreme performance and energy efficiency to deliver exascale supercomputer systems that meet the escalating demands of advanced computing. [Full story]
arrow right Queensland Centre for Medical Genomics Selects SGI® LiveArc® Digital Asset Management Suite to Accelerate Life Science Research

Univ. of QueenslandThe Queensland Centre for Medical Genomics (QCMG) at the University of Queensland has selected SGI® LiveArc® storage solution to increase its ability to store, manage and process human cancer genome sequence data. This project will contribute to mapping the genetic changes that lead to cancer, providing better understanding of such cancers and potentially helping to combat the disease. [Full story]

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