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    The SGI Newsletter • July 2012  
Announcing the New SGI® UV™:
The Big Brain Computer

The world's largest in-memory system for data-intensive problems

SGI announced the availability of the new SGI® UV™ 2 product family. SGI UV 2 doubles the number of cores (up to 4096 cores) and quadruples the amount of coherent main memory (up to 64 terabytes) from the previous generation, available for in-memory computing in a single-image system. SGI UV 2 can scale to eight petabytes of shared memory and at a peak I/O rate of four terabytes per second (14 PB/hour), it could ingest the entire contents of the U.S. Library of Congress print collection in less than three seconds. This unprecedented capability enables users to find answers to the world's most difficult problems on a system as easy to administer as a workstation. Built on industry standards and supporting a wide range of storage options, SGI UV 2 offers a complete solution for no-limit computing. more

View the World Through the Eyes of Wikipedia

What can be done in a day on the New SGI® UV™ 2000 - the world's largest in-memory data-mining system?

SGI has partnered with Kalev H. Leetaru of the University of Illinois to create the first-ever historical mapping and exploration of the full text contents of the English-language edition of Wikipedia, in time and space. The results include visualizations of modern history captured in under a day utilizing in-memory data-mining techniques. Loading the entire English language edition of Wikipedia into SGI® UV™ 2000, Mr. Leetaru was able to show how Wikipedia's view of the world unfolded over the past two centuries. Location, year and the positive or negative sentiment have been tied to those references.
Check out our SGI Facebook Page for all the details on the SGI Wikipedia Project including videos, charts and graphs and great visualizations of Wikipedia throughout space and time.  

CSC — IT Center for Science Ltd. Selects SGI® ICE Cube® Air to Increase HPC Capacity

Pre-fabricated air-cooled modular data center to transform former industrial site

SGI announced that Finland's CSC — IT Center for Science Ltd. (CSC) has selected SGI® ICE Cube® modular data center technology for a new green data center in Kajaani, Northern Finland. Valued at €2.6 million, the three year deal will see a brownfield site transformed to meet CSC's expanding demand for HPC capacity. "The SGI modular data center will serve as the foundation of CSC future growth in HPC and ICT services and is the culmination of several years of planning. The level of flexibility provided by the SGI solution really helps us adapt to changing demand," says Tero Tuononen director of ICT Platforms for CSC. more

Have Legacy SGI Product Needs? Try SGI Remarketed Products

SGI's Remarketed Products Group (RPG) has been supplying quality remanufactured systems and expansions to our customers for nearly 24 years. At SGI we believe customers should have the opportunity to move to the next platform in a planned fashion. Offering these Remanufactured Products provides supply assurance well beyond the end-of-production of any particular product line. We offer a full range or servers including MIPS/IRIX-based Origin® systems, all of the Intel® Itanium® based systems, and of course the Intel® Xeon® line of servers from the XE210 to UV1000. more


Replay Available: Conquering the Computational Complexities in Cancer Research

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Have Legacy SGI Product Needs? Try SGI Remarketed Products


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