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SGI DataRaptor
Big Data — Ready, Set, Go!

New SGI® DataRaptor™ with MarkLogic® Database is having Big Data for Lunch

SGI DataRaptor is ideally suited for Big Data analysis challenges, sophisticated search and rapid development of applications in financial services, public sector and media and entertainment. The appliance integrates the MarkLogic® enterprise-grade NoSQL database and SGI systems to allow companies and organizations to capture more data and do more with it. Standards-based hardware configurations designed specifically for the MarkLogic database are factory-integrated and tested so that SGI DataRaptor delivers everything needed to support Big Data applications in a single system that is plug-and-play and can be up and running, delivering results in hours, not days. more

SGI Announces Extreme Performance RAID Storage System

SGI® InfiniteStorage™ 17000 Resets the Bar for Multi-Petabyte Storage Arrays

SGI InfiniteStorage 17000 is the newest addition to the SGI InfiniteStorage ecosystem, delivering one of the industry's highest performing single-platform RAID storage system with throughput of over 40GB/s and 1.4 million flash IOPS. With the ability to scale in a single system to over 1,680 disk drives and 6.72PB the IS17000 is targeted for workflows that need uncompromised performance and scalability. With first customer shipments of InfiniteStorage 17000 already underway with a massive multi-rack 8000-drive installation in Europe, the system is ready for primetime to provide the resiliency and performance needed for such high-end environments. more

SGI & Nexenta Webinar

Thursday, October 25th
11 AM ET, 8 AM PT

This webinar, sponsored by SGI, will give you an overview of Nexenta and its award-winning storage software products, and a demo. It will also include an overview of SGI NAS, a powerful, enterprise-class NAS solution that provides maximum flexibility in a complete open storage offering. SGI NAS enables organizations to maximize their datacenter real estate with a scalable system that can start small and grow to multiple petabytes of unified storage.
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The Big Data Explosion – Managing your data in real-time!

Webinar: Tuesday, October 30th
1 PM ET, 10 AM PT

Modern companies must capture, store, and analyze massive amounts of data. Join SGI and IDC for this live webinar event, where you'll learn more about how you can harness your big data to expose key insights that will help you compete, innovate and meet your mission critical objectives.
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eResearch SA Selects SGI to Provide South Australia's Most Powerful HPC System

eResearch SA selected SGI to provide infrastructure for its new Tizard machine.

Tizard will be the state's most powerful public research HPC system and it will be used to support researchers in many different fields including climate change, evolutionary biology, high-energy physics, applied mathematics, chemistry, medicine, genomics and agriculture. The SGI® HPC system is a powerful mix of different computing systems, all optimised to complete specific tasks faster than ever before. more

URS Taps SGI® for 500 Teraflop Supercomputer for DOE National Energy Technology Lab

URS Energy and Construction, Inc. Leads Contract Effort for Self-Contained Green Data Center Technology

URS Energy and Construction, Inc., has partnered with SGI to design, build and deploy an energy efficient SGI® ICE Cube® Air modular data center-based high performance computing (HPC) system to support the United States Department of Energy (DOE) National Energy Technology Laboratory's (NETL) Carbon Capture & Storage Initiative and its Electrical Grid Upgrade Programs which enable the transition to electric cars. The system installation and testing is currently underway in Morgantown, West Virginia more

Have Legacy SGI Product Needs?
Try SGI Remarketed Products

SGI's Remarketed Products Group (RPG) has been supplying quality remanufactured systems and expansions to our customers for nearly 24 years. At SGI we believe customers should have the opportunity to move to the next platform in a planned fashion. Offering these Remanufactured Products provides supply assurance well beyond the end-of-production of any particular product line. We offer a full range or servers including MIPS/IRIX-based Origin® systems, all of the Intel® Itanium® based systems, and of course the Intel® Xeon® line of servers from the XE210 to UV1000. more


SGI & Nexenta Webinar
Thursday, October 25th
11 AM ET, 8 AM PT

The Big Data Explosion – Managing your data in real-time!
Tuesday, October 30th
1 PM ET, 10 AM PT

Conquering Data-Intensive BioSciences Problems
Tuesday, November 6th
12 PM ET, 9 AM PT

Learn more about SGI's Complete Hadoop Solution

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Have Legacy SGI Product Needs? Try SGI Remarketed Products


October 18-19
ESI Global Forum 2012
San Diego, CA

October 23-24
MSC Software International Ground Vehicle Users Symposium
Dearborn, MI

October 25
SGI & Nexenta Webinar
Thursday, October 25th 11 AM ET, 8 AM PT

October 30
The Big Data Explosion – Managing your data in real-time!
Tuesday, October 30th 1 PM ET, 10 AM PT

October 30-31
Powering the Cloud
SNW Europe

Frankfurt, Germany

November 12-15
Salt Lake City, UT

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