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Nexenta Webinar

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Solving your enterprise storage challenges

This webinar, sponsored by SGI, will give you an overview of Nexenta and its award-winning storage software products, and a demo. It will also include an overview of SGI NAS, a powerful, enterprise-class NAS solution that provides maximum flexibility in a complete open storage offering. SGI NAS enables organizations to maximize their datacenter real estate with a scalable system that can start small and grow to multiple petabytes of unified storage.

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Details: October 25th, 2012
8am - 9am PST.

URS Taps SGI for 500 Teraflop Supercomputer for DOE National Energy Technology Lab

Powerful HPC system delivered in SGI® ICE Cube® Air delivers green computing solution for key NETL initiatives

URS Energy and Construction, Inc., a division of URS Corporation, has partnered with SGI to design, build and deploy an energy efficient SGI ICE Cube Air modular data center-based high performance computing (HPC) system to support the United States Department of Energy (DOE) National Energy Technology Laboratory's (NETL) Carbon Capture & Storage Initiative and its Electrical Grid Upgrade Programs which enable the transition to electric cars. The system installation and testing is currently underway in Morgantown, West Virginia and has demonstrated an average Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of 1.03 since installation, under both normal and extreme operational loads via sustained Linpack testing. more

SGI in the HPCwire Readers Choice Awards!

Voting ends on September 30th

Vote for #7 PSC and SGI for Blacklight "Next Generation Genomics" as the Best use of HPC in "edge HPC" application

Vote for #14 "The first-ever historical mapping and exploration of the full text contents of Wikipedia in an SGI UV 2000" as the Best Application of Big Data in HPC

Vote for #17 Pleiades supercomputer in collaboration with NASA, SGI and Intel for Best HPC Collaboration between government & Industry

Vote for #19 SGI ICE X as one of the Top 5 new products or technologies to watch now!

SGI UV: Getting the most out of Gaussian

Download our latest white paper

Gaussian 09, the latest version of the Gaussian® series of electronic structure programs, is one of the most heavily deployed HPC applications used by chemists, chemical engineers, biochemists, physicists and other scientists worldwide. Starting from the fundamental laws of quantum mechanics, Gaussian 09 predicts the energies, molecular structures, vibrational frequencies and molecular properties of molecules and reactions in a wide variety of chemical environments. SGI UV is the largest shared memory platform available today and can give G09 users what they need to optimize performance for any job. our latest white paper today to learn more

Have Legacy SGI Product Needs? Try SGI Remarketed Products

SGI's Remarketed Products Group (RPG) has been supplying quality remanufactured systems and expansions to our customers for nearly 24 years. At SGI we believe customers should have the opportunity to move to the next platform in a planned fashion. Offering these Remanufactured Products provides supply assurance well beyond the end-of-production of any particular product line. We offer a full range or servers including MIPS/IRIX-based Origin® systems, all of the Intel® Itanium® based systems, and of course the Intel® Xeon® line of servers from the XE210 to UV1000. more


Learn more about SGI's Complete Hadoop Solution

Replay Available: Behind the Scenes of the SGI Wikipedia Project

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SGI's Success in Genomics!

Case Study: Kazusa DNA Research
KDRI uses their SGI UV for genome sequencing, gene function analysis, and comparative genomics analysis of plant, human and microbe data from a Next Generation Sequencer (NGS)

Case Study: Human Genome Center
HGC uses their SGI UV for conducting research on intractable diseases such as cancer, and their final aim is to develop personalized medicine by identifying the novel molecular marker of the disease and developing individualized genetic and molecular targeted therapy

Learn more about the new SGI UV 2 Product Family

Special Offers

Have Legacy SGI Product Needs? Try SGI Remarketed Products


October 2 & 3
San Jose, CA

October 9-11
Orlando, FL

October 18-19
ESI Global Forum 2012
San Diego, CA

October 23-24
MSC Software International Ground Vehicle Users Symposium
Dearborn, MI

November 12-15
Salt Lake City, UT

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