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Life Sciences
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Translational Research Institute Implements SGI Super Computing Solutions to Accelerate Cures for Cancer

Translational Research Institute (TRI) has selected SGI to provide a big data HPC solution powered by SGI® UV™ 2000 shared memory platform, SGI® Rackable® clusters and SGI® InfiniteStorage™

This new facility, which represents four leading medical research institutes, will focus on advanced treatments and therapies for common and serious disease such as cancers, diabetes, inflammatory diseases, HIV, malaria, bone and joint diseases and obesity.
The Institute is destined to be the largest biomedical research institute in the Southern Hemisphere.
Researchers will now have access to the necessary technology and facilities in one location, which will positively impact productivity through the rate at which work is processed and scientific results are achieved.

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Solving the Most Demanding Data Intensive Problems
SGI UV 2000 scales to truly extraordinary levels – up to 4,096 threads (256 CPU sockets) and up to 64TB of cache-coherent, global shared memory in a single system. This enables UV to remain highly efficient at scale for diverse set of data- and compute-intensive applications.

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SGI UV 2000
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Genomics & Life Sciences
High performance computing has kindled a revolution in genomics and life sciences in recent years because gene sequencing and assembly, as well as complex modeling and analysis tasks, require high-performance compute capability not available with commodity servers and clusters.

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Genomics & Life Sciences
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SGI Cyclone - results on demand
Cyclone serves the science and engineering sectors that rely on very high-end computational hardware, software and networking to accelerate results. Cyclone supports a number of leading applications partners and five technical domains, including Computational Fluid Dynamics, Finite Element Analysis, Computational Chemistry and materials, Computational Biology and Ontologies.

Tech Brief

Genomics & Life Sciences

NASA Ames Selects SGI® UV™, the Big Brain Computer, for a Wide Range of Research

NASA's Ames Research Center has selected an SGI® UV™ 2000 shared memory system to support more than a thousand active users around the country who are doing research for earth, space and aeronautics missions

Installed early this year at the NASA Advanced Supercomputing (NAS) facility at Ames, Moffett Field, Calif., Endeavour is a shared-memory system that took the place of the Columbia supercomputer.
Named in honor of the Space Shuttle Endeavour, the last orbiter built during NASA's Space Shuttle Program, this new system is based on the latest Intel® Xeon® processor E5-4600 product family.
Endeavour will provide large, shared memory capability and will enable solutions for many NASA science and engineering applications, including simulation and modeling of global ocean circulation, galaxy and planet formation, and aerodynamic design for air and space vehicles.

SGI and DoD Launch Supercomputer Spirit; System Ranks 14th on the World's TOP500 Fastest Supercomputer List

SGI's ICE™ X HPC System Powers DOD Supercomputer, Spirit, Enabling Modeling of Larger and More Complex Materials

The United States Department of Defense (DoD) has deployed the SGI® ICE™ X high performance computing (HPC) system for its supercomputer Spirit, making it the 14th fastest supercomputer in the world according to TOP500 ( The SGI ICE X system has been deployed as part of the DoD's High Performance Computing Modernization Program (HPCMP), which provides compute resources for the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) DoD Supercomputing Research Center (DSRC). SGI ICE X system Spirit is named after the B2 Stealth bomber and enables to implement algorithms that perform quantum mechanical simulations with computational time that scales linearly with respect to the number of atoms.

Highlights & Events

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SGI in Big Data
President & CEO, Jorge Titinger

talks about SGI's history and leadership in HPC and how that has converged into Big Data Solutions.


Jorge talks Big Data
Watch Now Conquering Data-Intensive BioSciences Problems
Built on SGI UV with 16 TB of shared memory, the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center's (PSC) Blacklight has become an invaluable tool for assembly and analysis of next-generation sequencing data, including projects in behavioral genomics and metagenomics.
Webinar Replay
Watch Now The Big Data Storage Dilemma
- Access vs. Cost
With the explosion of unstructured data coupled with long term retention, organizations are increasingly struggling with data access demands and unsustainable storage costs. Learn how to manage massive data volumes at lower cost while fulfilling the access needs of users and applications.
Webinar Replay
September 9-11 IDC HPC User Forum

Boston, MA

IDC HPC User Forum
September 13-17 IBC 2013 Amsterdam, Netherlands
IBC 2013
October 13-16 GEOINT 2013 Tampa, FL
November 18-21 SC13 Denver, CO

Fantastic deals on UV1000 and ICE systems

SGI's Remarketed Products are always a great way for customers to get a lot for their money, but we've never had anything quite like this on our SGI UV™ before. We have UV1000 systems that are at unbelievable discounts from original list price. In addition, we have an incredible price of only $15/GB on the 4GB dimms for the UV1 product line. This would be the time to upgrade or fill-up those empty slots. Additional UV1000 configurations are available, please contact your sales rep or authorized SGI reseller for details. We also have two (2) SGI ICE™ 8200 1,024 core systems, each with 3TB of memory. We have priced these at less than $200 per core. Limited to supply on hand, so act now!

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