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The SGI Newsletter        April 2014   
SGI USer Group Conference

SGI User Group Conference

Please join the SGI User Group in San Jose, CA from April 29th – May 1st
for the 11th annual SGI User Conference

SGI User Group ConferenceEach year, the conference brings together computer scientists, data center managers, researchers and engineers with an interest in improving the productivity of SGI high performance computing and storage systems.

In addition to SGI executives, product and engineering presentations, this year's program features:

  • Keynote Presentation
    James Reinders, Chief Evangelist, Intel Tools and Parallel Programming, Intel
  • Early experiences with OpenGL and processing offload in distributed and shared-memory SGI systems
    S. Ryan Quick, eBay/PayPal
  • HPC Service in a Research Environment - Tricks of the trade
    Simon Burbidge, Imperial College, London
  • Experiences with (the new) SGI VizServer
    Gabe Turner, 3M
  • A SGI UV Tutorial on Virtualization
    Hosts: S. Ryan Quick, eBay/PayPal and Gabe Turner, 3M

With this year's conference located minutes from SGI's new office in Milplitas, CA, you're invited to combine your attendance at the conference, with a visit to the SGI office.

Additionally, if you're interested in participating in this year's conference with a presentation, please contact Liz Cox.

Making HPC and Big Data More Accessible

SGI UV targets performance and scalability since 2009

In this recent video, SGI addresses how this inclusive HPC and big data computing environment can help meet the needs of the larger scientist and analyst user population. It's a platform that's innovative yet stays within standards, according to Dr. Eng Lim Goh, CTO of SGI.

The SGI UV platform currently scales up from 4 to 256 Intel Xeon sockets and 64 TB of memory running on a single off-the-shelf Linux OS. With the NUMAlink interconnect, SGI UV 2000 enables scaling a single system starting as small as 8 threads up to a maximum of 4,096 threads.

From SGI® UV™ to the Google Glass® "What's most important about this server is it runs standard Linux," observes Goh. To test the compatibility of Linux, Goh purchased an off-the-shelf NVIDIA card. He loaded VNC on a server remotely and and called it up from his laptop. To further test the compatibility, he loaded LibreOffice and the R statistical package, and plugged in the RGL renderer. He demonstrates the output visualization.

Goh also wanted to show how data analysts could access this extreme scale system from their mobile devices. To do this the SGI engineers took an iPad and installed the iTeleport software from the official App Store to run VNC. Then you simply select the server you want to visualize and the same thing that is on the 256-socket server will be displayed on the laptop and on the mobile device, says Goh.

To further test the limits of mobility for the coming era of wearable devices, Goh's team beamed the display onto the Google Glass, allowing users to visualize their outputs while moving about.

Take your research to a new level.
Tackle the big problems.

Visit SGI at Bio-IT World, Booth #344

Concerned with how to support the pace and scale of your genomics research? Don't be – talk to SGI at Bio-IT World about our solutions for genomics workflows in the smallest lab environments to the largest datacenters. It's easy to start small and grow to keep pace with your research needs.

Bio-IT WorldSGI has been the trusted leader in research computing for decades, providing computing and storage solutions tailored for the individual researcher while also building some of the largest computational infrastructures in existence.

The growth in computational and data challenges in the life sciences is unlike any other research discipline, but even faster and larger challenges lie ahead. Don't let your IT infrastructure constrain and limit your research capabilities – build solutions that enable your research and scale easily to solve the biggest problems. Big Thinkers trust SGI.

Join us at Bio-IT World, where SGI will sponsor a pre-conference workshop with the BioTeam, showcasing SGI UV server technologies, entitled Running a Local Galaxy Instance. Additionally SGI will also host a luncheon talk in the Cloud Computing Track entitled "Bringing the Big-Brain Computer to the Cloud: SGI UV for Cloud-Based Genomics Workflows".

Hot Downloads

On Demand
From SGI® UV™ to the Google Glass®
The SGI® UV™ is a more inclusive high performance computing and Big Data platform that's innovative yet stays within standards. It currently scales up from 4 to 256 Intel® Xeon® sockets and 64 TB of memory running on a single off-the-shelf Linux® OS. See the SGI UV demonstrated by Dr. Eng Lim Goh, CTO of SGI.
From SGI® UV™ to the Google Glass®
On Demand
Big Data at the Speed of Thought
SGI UV gives you the opportunity to broaden your view into massive amounts of data. Real-time, second by second analysis, you can take your data and process it at the speed of thought.
Big Data at the Speed of Thought


3M, SGI and Intel Showcase Advanced Cooling Technology for the "Data Center of the Future"

3M demonstrates two-phase immersion cooling technology to reduce water consumption and energy use, while increasing supercomputer efficiency

3MAs the growth of the Internet of Things spikes so does the growth of data traffic in the cloud, which requires data centers to deliver more performance and storage with less energy consumption. 3M announced the implementation of a fully functional supercomputer developed in collaboration with Intel and SGI that uses a revolutionary two-phase immersion cooling technology pioneered by 3M.

In this proof-of-concept, SGI® ICE™ X, the fifth generation of the world's fastest distributed memory supercomputer and the Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 hardware are placed directly into 3M™ Novec™ Engineered Fluid. The 3M Novec fluid is an efficient dielectric that keeps the hardware cooled with minimum additional energy, maximum performance and better reliability. 3M's two-phase immersion cooling technology can reduce cooling energy costs by 95 percent and reduces water consumption by eliminating municipal water usage for evaporative cooling. Heat can also be harvested from the system and reused for heating and other process technologies such as desalination of sea water.

SGI Awarded 5-Star Rating in CRN's 2014 Partner Program Guide

Annual guide recognizes the very best channel partner programs in the market

SGI has been awarded a 5-Star rating in the CRN 2014 Partner Program Guide. The annual directory is the definitive listing of technology vendors that service solution providers or provide products through the IT channel. The 5-Star Partner Program rating recognizes an elite subset of companies that offer solution providers the best partnering elements in their channel programs.

CRNThrough select, strategic channel partnerships around the globe, SGI ensures customers have access to high quality products and data center solutions designed to help businesses overcome their biggest high performance computing (HPC) and data-intensive computing challenges. SGI's channel partner program is instrumental in establishing its presence in both foreign and domestic markets, helping to champion the SGI brand with today's industry leaders.

SGI Big Data U

Lunch and Learn Events at Various Locations in the U.S.

SGI Big Data USince introducing Big Data U earlier this year, SGI has met with hundreds of customers in cities across the country. Big Data U is a complimentary lunch event, which helps tackle the challenge of Big Data, so you can capture value.

Who should attend? Leaders of business intelligence initiatives, data analytics architects, storage architects and enterprise data center managers.

Discussion topics include:

  • Optimizing analytics and achieving business objectives
  • When - and when not - to use Hadoop
  • Enabling petascale storage without petascale problems
  • Runaway storage costs while keeping end users happy

Register now for a city near you!

Highlights & Events

Various Locations –
US and Europe
SGI Big Data U SGI Big Data U
April 14th - 17th
Tampa, FL
April 29th - May 1st
San Jose, CA
SGI User Group Conference SGI User Group Conference
April 29th - May 1st
Boston, MA
Bio-IT World Bio-IT World
June 3rd - 5th
Orlando, FL
ASUG Annual Conference
June 10th - 12th
Cairns, Australia
ICCS: Big Data meets
Computational Science
June 22nd - 26th
Leipzig, Germany
International Supercomputing Conference (ISC) ISC14


SGI EMEA User Group Meeting

Held in London, University College March 31st - April 1st 2014

SGIUG audienceUniversity College London very kindly hosted an SGI EMEA User Group meeting with 40 EMEA users in attendance. Many of the members gave presentations on their use of the range of SGI systems they have in their environments which was beneficial to all. The ability to meet other users and share experiences hold true value as well as the opportunity to network with SGI executives and product management.

James BriggsPresentations included Insights from Using and Managing the World's Fastest Commercial Supercomputer by Diego Klahr of Total, Managing Heterogenous HPC User Requirements by Simon Burbidge of Imperial College and How NTNU recycle heat waste from Einar Naess Jenson of NTNU.

If anyone is interested in becoming part of the EMEA User Group please contact Simon Burbidge.


SGI® VizServer®

with NICE Desktop Cloud Visualization™ (DCV) software

At Nvidia's GPU Technology conference last month, SGI showcased SGI VizServer system with NICE Desktop Cloud Visualization™ (DCV) software, a commercially supported hardware and software solution that delivers efficient and optimized remote access to graphic-intensive, off-the-shelf 3D applications running on both Windows® and Linux® desktop environments.

With the explosive growth of computer derived models, more technical computing data needs to be move from the data center to the engineers' or researchers' workstations. Leveraging the Cloud offers a solution to many of the challenges of enabling access and collaboration with remote 3D visualization applications.

To learn more about SGI VizServer, download our white paper, and find out how to reduce infrastructure costs and increase your IT team's agility by leveraging Cloud computing technologies.

Partner Spotlight:

ePlus Technologies, inc.

Company Overview
Founded in 1990, ePlus Technologies inc. (NASDAQ NGS: PLUS) quickly gained prominence as a leading integrator of technology solutions. Headquartered in Herndon, Va., the company manages 28 regional offices across the country and employs more than 900 professionals, including a first-class engineering team with the highest-level technology certifications. ePlus LogoePlus Advantage™ provides entities in the Mid-Market, Enterprise, Healthcare, Education, Public Sector and Government industries end-to-end innovative, scalable, and financially sound solutions to optimize their IT infrastructure and supply chain processes.

ePlus specializes in Data Center/Cloud Computing, Server Consolidation/Virtualization, Collaboration/Unified Communications, Security, Storage, Networking, Mobility, and Big Data. For customers who want a single source for complete IT asset acquisition and financing, ePlus is a solution worth pursuing. Its broad offering includes managed and professional services, flexible lease financing, and OneSource® software to unify and automate supply chain processes.

SGI Partnership
ePlus signed on as an SGI reseller in 2013. "As an SGI Platinum Partner, ePlus leverages SGI's high-performance computing (HPC) solutions to deliver the flexibility and scalability our customers need to support their Big Data initiatives," remarks Mark Melvin, CTO, ePlus inc.

Expertise with the SGI hardware line makes ePlus the go-to trusted advisor for architecting HPC, Technical Computing, Petascale Storage, and Big Data solutions. The best-in-class ePlus engineering team can configure a solution that includes scale-up shared memory or scale-out distributed memory servers, such as the SGI® UV™ and the SGI® ICE™ X products, or scale-out storage and Big Data storage solutions, such as the SGI® OmniStor™ and SGI® NAS products.

Genomics and Bioinformatics
A long-standing healthcare customer of ePlus, in the Washington, DC area, called on them to architect a solution that would catapult the company's new genomics and bioinformatics division from a start-up to being one of the most nationally recognized leaders in its field. The customer had been using the Amazon Web Services Cloud, but needed a technology platform that could scale and support the demands of their research. For this customer, genome mapping and patient studies had led to rapid data growth with massive performance and capacity requirements. At the same time, the customer had data center limitations and needed to contain the solution to a very small footprint.

With the assistance of SGI and NetApp, ePlus provided the customer a platform built upon the SGI UV™ 2000 with 512 cores and 16TB of memory, coupled with 1.5PB of persistent storage with an SGI® InfiniteStorage™ 5600. To complete the solution, ePlus provisioned a NetApp® FAS3250 for generic front-end storage, as well as two NetApp EF540 Flash Arrays, to serve as an assist engine for the front-end servers or as an adjunct to the genomic processing of the SGI® UV™ 2000. ePlus is enabling this customer to achieve their goal, the pilot group has proven the viability of the genomic research services they offer, and plans have been made to expand the division and its market coverage.

A Clear Focus on the Future
With an unwavering commitment to value and customer satisfaction, ePlus invests for growth in widely-adopted industry growth areas, such as security, Cloud, and Big Data. On the leading edge of IT for over two decades, a vendor neutral approach, and thorough analysis of each customer's unique needs, ePlus solutions empower its customers to maximize productivity, efficiency, and cost savings.

To learn more about ePlus solutions for both the public and provide sectors, visit:

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