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Are you showing signs of "Storage Insanity"?

While Albert Einstein is famous for his groundbreaking work in relativity theory, he's equally appreciated by many people for his ability to describe complex concepts in simple terms. His insightful definition of the word "insanity" as "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results" is a fantastic example that we can all appreciate – and perhaps it was actually data storage that he was referring to when he made that famous remark. Let's explore that thought.

In SGI's work with both enterprise and technical computing users, we are regularly asked to perform "storage analysis" projects to enable a better understanding of data growth and use patterns — and how they map to the storage and data protection policies that are in place. When presented with the results of the analysis, users and administrators are often shocked as they look at the charts and realize that up to 80% of the data they are storing, backing up and managing has not been touched or modified in months (or years...). As these companies are buying an increasing amount of storage for the endless stream of new data created every day, Einstein would take notice.

Storage InsanityStorage Insanity: Symptoms and Treatment
As you prepare for your next expensive storage purchase, are you wondering whether it might be time to update your storage policies to make better use of the storage you already own? Determining whether or not you have an issue with wasted storage space has historically been a challenging problem for IT administrators.  To help solve this,  SGI is now making available at no charge the same simple-and-powerful storage analytics tools used by SGI's storage consulting team. Download the SGI Trusted Edge analytics edition software. It's the first step to gaining a deeper understanding about your storage use patterns and taking back control over storage costs and data management.

SGI Announces Development Plans for Strategic In-Memory Computing System

SGI appliance based on SAP HANA® will help fulfill extreme data capacity needs

SGI, an SAP global technology partner, plans to develop an in-memory appliance based on the SAP HANA® platform, working in collaboration with SAP AG, SAP Logothe market leader in enterprise software and software-related services. Using the scalable shared memory architecture of SGI's next-generation UV™ system together with SAP HANA, the new in-memory appliance from SGI will be designed to streamline database management for single large node environments, which require extremely high capacity and scale to meet the needs of in-memory databases.

SGI steers Starboard into its port after stormy times

SGI announced it has acquired the intellectual property (IP) assets of hybrid storage array vendor, Starboard Storage Systems, Inc., and hired its key engineering talent. The acquisition will add technical expertise and depth to SGI, enhancing SGI's ability to leverage flash-enabled storage as part of the SGI® InfiniteStorage™ ecosystem.

Through the agreement, SGI will retain the majority of the Starboard's research and development employees and acquire key IP developed by the Starboard team since its founding. The acquisition also strengthens SGI's continued investment in R&D by adding engineers focused on expanding and accelerating the benefits of flash storage for extreme computing and Big Data environments.

Hot Downloads

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A Bright New Idea in Storage Management
Learn about the convergence of storage management, backup and archive into a single unified system of intelligent storage management — access your files quickly and reliably.
SGi Storage Management
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SGI Trusted Edge
Trusted Edge enables intelligent data analysis and automated policy-based content migration from primary storage to the SGI Storage Fabric.
Data Sheet
SGI Trusted Edge
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SGI Trusted Edge for Intelligent Backup
Eliminate the need to restore data with StorHouse/Trusted Edge intelligent backup in native file format.
Data Sheet
SGI Trusted Edge for Intelligent Backup
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Free SGI Trusted Edge analytics edition software
Are you storing files no one uses?

Analytics edition software Download
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Carnegie Institution for Science's Department of Embryology
The Carnegie Institution for Science reduces costs, ensures data integrity and gains financial benefits with SGI StorHouse.
Case Study
Carnegie Institution for Science's Department of Embryology

Mobile Telephone Networks (MTN)

Realizing the benefits of a StorHouse enterprise data repository

MTN Case StudyMTN is a growing South African telecommunications provider that supplies celluar satellite and Internet access services to over 31.5 million customers. Over a short period of time, rapid growth caused MTN's stored data to grow to over 400 terabytes. MTN took steps to curtail its burgeoning storage requirements and rather than maintain similar data stores, the company envisioned an enterprise active archive strategy based on a secure, automatically managed, central repository for information and all historical relational file-based data. By selecting SGI StorHouse, MTN now is able to exhibit good corporate governance and to accomplish single point lifecycle management for enterprise-wide relational and file system data.

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Bio-IT World Bio-IT World

SGI Big Data U

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SGI Big Data USGI's multi-city lunch and learn event focuses on Capturing Value with Big Data. Leaders of business intelligence initiatives, data analytics architects, storage architects and enterprise data center managers will learn behind the scenes tips on optimizing analytics and achieving business objectives, when – and when not – to use Hadoop; Enabling petascale storage without petascale problems and managing runaway storage costs while keeping end users happy.  
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