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The SGI Newsletter        June 2014   

SGI Previews In-Memory Appliance at SAP SAPPHIRE® NOW

SGI UV technology enables consolidation of applications and data analytics for real-time business at extreme scale, without complexity

SGI revealed a pioneering single-node appliance at the SAPPHIRE® NOW conference. Building on SGI's in-memory computing leadership and SGI's January development announcement for the SAP HANA® platform, the solution is expected to enable real-time business at extreme scale and high availability, without complexity.

Utilizing a scale-up, single-node architecture with breakthrough coherent shared memory, the appliance is being built to enable organizations to run enterprise resource planning (ERP), data warehouse, and other applications on a single, in-memory system and scale beyond 6 TB. Freed from the limits and complexity of clustered appliances, large enterprises across industries will be able to perform analytics, transactions, and processes in real time for faster, smarter decisions and greater competitive advantage.

Big Data: Unlocking Patterns to Uncover Hidden Value

Everything from credit card readers to social media to sensors in automobiles is flooding the enterprise with huge volumes of data. In fact, 90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone. Data is also arriving with far greater velocity and in greater variety than ever experienced.

Building on expertise developed over two decades delivering several of the world's fastest supercomputers, SGI enables business and government agencies to perform Big Data analytics faster and with greater insight. This includes software storage solutions to help customers efficiently manage high-volume data environments, and provide the extreme capacity and scale needed for Big Data storage.

In this new SGI Big Data video, you'll see just some of the ways SGI High Performance Computing solutions are helping to unlock valuable insights from giant pools of data.

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Run Your Business in Real-Time at Extreme Scale
If your in-memory computing environment needs to scale beyond 6 TBs, you've been limited to a clustered appliance. But this leads to performance degradation and complexity challenges, preventing you from running enterprise resource planning (ERP) and data warehouse applications on the same platform.
Solution Brief
SGI Solution Preview: SGI In-Memory Appliance
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Big Science to Small Miracles - Harnessing Big Data to Maximize Innovation
Big thinkers in every field look to turn Big Data into action, innovation, or a competitive advantage. Big Data is about uncovering hidden patterns and finding value, it's about discovering truths or unmasking fraud, it's about big ideas. Discover how SGI unlocks the value of Big Data to innovate for tomorrow.

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Powerful Computational Architecture on Display at ISC'14

SGI, the leader in High Performance Computing, will be at ISC'14 in Leipzig, Germany showcasing our highly optimized HPC solutions, energy efficient petascale-class clusters, and superior data management.

Join Dr. Eng Lim Goh, Chief Technology Officer, SGI Senior executives and other technical experts as they discuss developing trends and innovations in HPC data management, our market-leading solutions and define how they can play a role in the unique workflows of your organization.

Visit SGI at Booth 503, or book an appointment to talk to our experts about your needs.

We hope to see you in Leipzig!


Highlights & Events

June 22nd – 26th
Leipzig, Germany
International Supercomputing Conference (ISC) ISC14
July 13th – 18th
Atlanta, GA
November 16th – 21st
New Orleans, LA
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Partner Spotlight: Asia Pacific

Intraware Australia Pty. Ltd.

SGI and Intraware have been business partners since the mid-1990s. During this time Intraware has focused on the media and post production markets in Australasia, growing and gaining an impressive list of clients. Intraware has domain knowledge in post-production and media. "SGI and Intraware have enjoyed a long relationship and we look forward to delivering outstanding products and services with them to the post-production and media sector in Australasia", said Nick Gorga, Regional General Manager for SGI Asia Pacific.

IntrawareIn 2004, Intraware moved from a value-added reseller to that of a specialist distributor appointing a number of specialist reseller channel partners in the Australasian region, strengthening their position and support of the sector. "We continue to be excited by the products SGI delivers and the advantage the technologies can bring to our customers," said Wayne Morphew, Managing Director, Intraware.

Founded in 1995 Intraware Australia is a leading supplier of the world's best technology solutions to the new media and post production markets in Australasia. For almost 20 years Intraware has been very successful and continue to grow annually. In the process, it has not only extended its already extensive industry knowledge, expertise and experience but it has also developed an impressive list of clients that include all major post production facilities and new media customers in the Asia Pacific region.

Towards the end of 2004, Intraware Australia altered its business model from value-added reseller to that of a specialist distributor. As a result, the company has utilized its highly specialised digital media market knowledge and expertise to seek and appoint specialist reseller channel partners.

These partners service the various market segments in this industry throughout the region. Intraware has an outstanding network of reseller channel partners that is well supported by Intraware's strong relationships with product vendors in this industry. To continue to be innovative and be supportive to our reseller channel partners, Intraware Australia is also constantly on the search for new products that will complement its already extensive range of products available through distribution.

Intraware Australia is uniquely positioned to integrate and manage different technologies to suit the demanding environment in the digital media market in Australasia and to supply and support its reseller channel to succeed in their respective markets.

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