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The SGI Newsletter        March 2014   
Big Data Analytics

Accelerate Oracle Apps with X-86 Based High Density
In-Memory Computing

Deriving meaningful insight from growing data sets is pushing the limits of traditional database and BI solutions. As a result, customers are turning to In Memory Databases (IMDB) solutions, which enable dramatic acceleration in response times by eliminating the network latency and disk I/O from the equation.

While customers are well aware of the benefits of RAM-based IMBD, traditional solutions have required the adoption of expensive and proprietary RISC systems to accommodate datasets that are in excess of 2TB. SGI's UV 2000 delivers high density in-memory solutions based on an industry standard X-86 architecture with the ability to scale coherent shared memory to 64TB of RAM under a single system image.

The combination of SGI's UV 2000 high-density shared memory solution with the FedCentric Memory Centric Database (MCDB) toolkit enables the delivery of the proven performance of Oracle TimesTen on an X-86 based architecture with the ability to scale to > 40TB of coherent shared memory. This architecture has been tested to deliver up to 3.5 million record inserts per second, a 600x improvement vs. the previous disk-based solution. Further enhancing the value proposition of core optimization enabled customers can significantly reduce the cost of software licenses. Core optimization determines the optimal core to I/O ratio, enabling customers to purchase licenses only on those cores that will contribute to performance.

The 4K Video Revolution

With New Opportunities Come New Challenges

One of the hottest topics at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was support for 4K and ultrahigh-definition (UHD) content. While the term is often used generically, 4K refers to any number of high-resolution technologies that offer roughly four-times the pixel depth of standard high-definition video. The demands of managing 4K content can create infrastructure burdens throughout the entire media workflow. To handle the additional load, 4K workflows require four times the amount of processing power and storage capacity of standard HD.

The 4K Video RevolutionThe challenges in managing 4K workflows go beyond processing capacity. While not all Digital Intermediate (DI) processing is done in real-time, dealing with larger file sizes means facilities will need high-capacity storage systems. To formulate an optimal storage strategy, facilities first need to identify their business needs and work around any budgetary limitations. While scalability will be important as 4K will eventually become 8K, infrastructure investments should be made for the next four or five years.

An active archive breaks down the barriers between different storage tiers, and in the process reduces the IT overhead required to manage all the data. An active archive enables all data is always available in an 'online' state all the time without taking up expensive primary disk capacity. When properly applied, an active archive strategy significantly reduces the overall storage and data management costs while at the same time increasing efficiencies and the ability of users to access all data. SGI is a leader in active archive technology solutions. From DMF and StorHouse software layers to virtualize multiple tiers of data, to fully integrated hardware solutions including platforms, SGI offers solutions that bridge performance layers through to low-cost warehouse layers all in a single, online fabric.

SGI Delivers Large Scale Shared Memory System for JAMSTEC Earth Simulator

As one of world's largest shared memory systems, SGI® UV™ 2000 with 32TB of memory built with the new Intel ® Xeon® processor E5-4600 v2, provides greater degree of precision and compute efficiency

The Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC) has selected SGI UV 2000 powered by Intel® Xeon® processor E5-4600 v2 series for pre and post-processing offline grid simulations for its Earth Simulator supercomputer. Working with NEC, the SGI solution will be installed at the JAMSTEC Earth Simulator Center and is targeted for production on March 24th, 2014.

The JAMSTEC Earth Simulator supercomputer is integrated with the Intel® Xeon® processor E5-4600 v2, which Intel® officially launched on March 3rd, 2014. The new Intel processor was built for efficiency and performance for the enterprise market. With the combination of SGI UV 2000 and this new Intel processor, SGI continues to see HPC customers utilizing the scalable open shared memory platform while simultaneously expanding its use cases in the enterprise market.

Hot Downloads

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Big Data at the Speed of Thought
SGI UV gives you the opportunity to broaden your view into massive amounts of data. Real-time, second by second analysis, you can take your data and process it at the speed of thought.
Big Data at the Speed of Thought
On Demand
SGI and FedCentric Deliver Real-Time Analytics for USPS
Gerry Kolosovary, President of FedCentric Technologies, discusses the high-density, scale-up, SGI UV Platform put into place by USPS. The high-density SGI UV system, combined with SGI's ability to understand and support mission-critical applications helped USPS move well beyond what they were able to achieve with traditional approaches.
SGI delivering Real-Time Analytics for USPS
White Paper
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The 4K Video Revolution
With supporting technology for 4K video now widely available, the biggest challenge for content producers, broadcasters, post production houses and distribution companies is managing these complex digital media workflows: moving huge volumes of data, having data available where and when it's needed, and storing it safely and securely.
4K Video Revolution



April 15th - 17th in Tampa, FL

At GEOINT 2014, SGI will showcase our Activity-based Intelligence (ABI) solutions, designed to provide mission-critical support of data gathering, data analysis and data storage.

SGI supports ABI through:

  • GEOINT Processing & Commercial Imagery
  • Metadata Management - NoSQL databases & Metadata Clouds
  • Data Analytics - Large Memory Graph, Map Reduce, Cloudera & Hortonworks Analytics
  • HPC Storage for Capture & GEOINT Processing
  • Object & Cloud Storage for Motion Imagery Services

Visit SGI at GEOINT in booth #8010 to learn more about these SGI solutions, which have provided mission-critical support for a growing number of government intelligence projects over the last twenty years.

SGI User Group Conference

April 29th - May 1st in San Jose, CA

The annual SGI User Group conference will take place this April in San Jose, California. Register now for this three day event which provides a forum for learning, networking, sharing, problem solving and an opportunity to meet with SGI experts and executives.

Highlights & Events

Various Locations –
US and Europe
SGI Big Data U SGI Big Data U
March 25th - 27th
Newport, RI
March 31st - April 1st
European SGI User Group Meeting European SGI User Meeting
April 14th - 17th
Tampa, FL
April 29th - May 1st
San Jose, CA
SGI User Group Conference SGI User Group Conference
April 29th - May 1st
Boston, MA
Bio-IT World Bio-IT World
June 3rd - 5th
Orlando, FL
ASUG Annual Conference
June 22nd -26th
Leipzig, Germany
International Supercomputing Conference (ISC) ISC14


Partner Spotlight:

FedCentric Technologies, LLC

Company Overview
As a veteran-owned business headquartered in Chevy Chase, Md., FedCentric Technologies has been developing and producing high-quality IT systems for agencies of the US Federal Government since 2005. The company's three regional offices also support enterprise customers. FedCentric helps both government and business customers achieve real-time analytics and gain real-time insights from their data.

FedCentric specializes in Big Data and advanced analytics, offering customer's server, storage and virtualization products with design and support services throughout the US. A passion for breakthrough, disruptive technologies positions the company to deliver cutting-edge supercomputing power to solve the biggest and fastest data challenges.

SGI Partnership
FedCentric signed as a SGI reseller in 2005. "The thing that always struck me about SGI, is their ability to innovate—and to innovate within standards," said Gerry Kolosvary, President, FedCentric Technologies. "SGI's ability to understand and support mission-critical applications is extremely valuable to us and to our customers."

Deep expertise with the SGI® UV™ platform enabled FedCentric to create a cost-efficient "high-density" computing system to manage high-velocity data. In particular, this system can address high-speed detection, processing, and analysis for fraud prevention. This standards-based, non-proprietary system—developed jointly with SGI—delivers a memory-centric database with unparalleled performance and scale. "We recommend the SGI platform to customers who want to achieve orders of magnitude greater performance than they are able to achieve using traditional approaches."

Big Data
FedCentric LogoFedCentric recently deployed the high-density computing system at an independent agency of the US federal government. This customer, similar in size to a Fortune 50 enterprise, is notable because they employ the largest In-Memory Database (IMDB) in the world. The customer was losing millions of dollars and was attempting to analyze its data from a historical perspective on outdated technology—their disk-based scan/analysis solution discovered fraud too late.

FedCentric installed an IMDB with the FedCentric Memory Centric Database Toolkit (MCDB) on the SGI UV 1000 platform, which enabled the customer to accelerate and dashboard their existing Oracle applications without significant modification. "The solution we proposed effectively combined the strengths of competing architectures into a single solution, which we call high-density computing." Additionally, the customer was able to measure ROI in days, not months, achieving a ten-fold increase in ingest and processing performance, enabling them to adapt to the increase in volume and velocity of their data.

Looking Forward
A number of key trends are forcing customers to investigate new database architectures; the always-on economy is forcing customers to shrink insight windows and respond to demands for real-time business intelligence. "Customers don't buy technology, they buy solutions," says Kolosvary. "We start by asking a customer how a 10x-100x acceleration in their Oracle applications would impact their business. Most customers have no idea that this order of magnitude in processing improvement is even within the realm of possibility, but it is."

Recognized by the White House for its achievements in Big Data, FedCentric has become a member of the Center for Research and Intelligent Storage (CRIS) organization. And the company is planning aggressively for growth, doubling resources in the coming year and targeting data-intensive industries and enterprise-class environments where large scale or real-time queries are central to operations.

FedCentric's high density computing solution can be applied to any enterprise that employs Oracle applications.

Alison Ryan, Americas Sales Vice President of SGI Recognized as one of CRN's 2014 Channel Chiefs

Alison Ryan has been named one of CRN's 2014 Channel Chiefs. This prestigious list of the most powerful leaders in the IT channel recognizes those executives directly responsible for driving channel sales and growth within their organization, while evangelizing the importance of the channel throughout the entire IT Industry.

CRN Channel Chiefs were selected by the CRN editorial team based on channel experience, program innovations, channel-driven revenue, and public support for the importance of IT channel sales.

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