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The SGI Newsletter        May 2014   
Under the Radar

Visibly Superior Performance

Petascale Performance Leadership

SpiritFrom creating invisible planes to probing the edges of the visible universe, SGI supercomputers deliver petascale performance to speed time to discovery. SGI® ICE™ X is the next generation of the world's fastest distributed memory supercomputer for over four years running.

This performance leadership has been proven time and again. For example, the United States Department of Defense (DoD) has deployed the SGI ICE X for its supercomputer, "Spirit," making it the 18th fastest supercomputer in the world.

SGI Partners to Power Accurate, Real-time Geospatial Rendering Aimed at Saving Soldiers Lives

GIS Federal, NVIDIA and SGI provide record-breaking in-memory solution to power geospatial database that can scale several orders of magnitude higher than other compute databases

GIS FederalSGI announced a partnership with GIS Federal, a supplier of high performing innovative solutions for big data, cloud computing and intuitive tools across all intelligence disciplines and NVIDIA. The partnership will power a GPU-accelerated GAIA distributed database for the United States Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM), to rapidly render complicated geospatial features and heat maps, providing real-time actionable insights with the goal of saving lives during military operations.

Geospatial databases require a tremendous amount of memory and performance capabilities to accurately predict what will happen at a given location. The constant influx of high volume streams of data typically overwhelms traditional geospatial database systems, slowing the rate of analysis to inhibit actionable insights. The ability to harness, analyze and deliver coherent, real-time intelligence from massive amounts of data has only recently become a reality with the improvements in innovative high performance computing and Big Data technology.

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The Future of Big Data Analytics
Kalev Leetaru, Fellow at Georgetown University, speaks on the future of Big Data and how shared memory technology like the SGI UV is transforming the world of Big Data. According to Kalev, the future of Big Data is the methodologies and thought processes which let the data speak for itself. With the SGI UV and 64 TB of memory you have enough data in-memory and to "operate at the speed of exploration".
The Future of Big Data Analytics
Data Sheet
On Demand

SGI® StorHouse®
for Life Sciences Research
It is an exciting time for biomedical research. Today's advanced data generation and collection technologies produce large volumes of critical research information at fast speeds and individual records that often reach hundreds of gigabytes in size. SGI StorHouse for Life Sciences is a major enabling technology component in the race to collect, study, link, and analyze critical biomedical research data.
SGI StorHouse Data Sheet

SGI supports Massachusetts Open Cloud
for Big Data Innovation

MOC CloudSGI is excited to be collaborating on the Massachusetts Open Cloud (MOC) project. The MOC project is hoping to create an improved computing resource for cloud and big data users in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as well as to create a new model of cloud computing that enables research and technology companies to innovate and profit in the cloud and big data sectors.

"SGI's computational infrastructure is purpose-built to handle workflows that lie at the intersection of HPC and Big Data — High Performance Data Analysis is a growing area for data scientists in both academic and commercial settings, and we are proud to help Massachusetts grow its leadership efforts in these areas," Jorge Titinger, president and CEO of SGI states. "As a result of this collaboration SGI expects to contribute to further advances in Knowledge Discovery, the science of extracting exceptional insights from very large and continuously dynamic data sets, paving the way for real Big Data innovation."

SGI Enables Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital to Improve Patient Care and Accelerate Medical Breakthroughs

Center for Advanced Medical Imaging Sciences (CAMIS) Radiology Department leverages in-memory system for real-time imaging and research

SGI announced that Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School's Center for Advanced Medical Imaging Sciences (CAMIS) Radiology Department has selected SGI to enhance research capabilities for diagnostic medical imaging.

CAMIS was faced with an aging computational and storage legacy architecture that inhibited the organization from obtaining the high-quality, real-time diagnostic imaging necessary for innovation in neurology, cardiac, and related medical research departments. Imaging applications deployed by CAMIS utilize large amounts of memory to perform the necessary calculations that produce high-quality images, however the increased complexity of data sets required the calculations to be made in multiple pieces thus slowing the rate the medical center was able to produce innovative findings.

Highlights & Events

Various Locations –
US and Europe
SGI Big Data U SGI Big Data U
June 3rd – 5th
Orlando, FL
ASUG Annual Conference
June 10th – 12th
Cairns, Australia
ICCS: Big Data meets
Computational Science
June 22nd – 26th
Leipzig, Germany
International Supercomputing Conference (ISC) ISC14

Data Management: The Next Step Beyond Basic Storage

As the volume of business data being created each day rapidly accelerates, the high-tech industry is scrambling to evolve storage technologies that can provide highly-reliable and accessible storage solutions at a cost profile that won't break annual IT budgets. It's a necessary progression to simply meet the basic needs of the global research, business and internet communities – and smart people are continually making breakthroughs in this area from which we all benefit.

But the 'next wave' in data-related challenges extends far beyond simply storing vast quantities of data - and involves the broader science of managing data in order to maximize its future value to the organization and target users. In short, the world needs smarter storage solutions that do more than deliver throughput and manage data blocks.

SGI Storage Solutions that are enabled for data management provide a standard interface by which users and applications can store and access data – but they transparently add functionality that makes it easier for IT groups and users to extract value from information over time – including capabilities like:

  • Automatic file version management and tracking that allows users to see how files and directory structures have changed and evolved over time
  • Point-in-Time Views of the file system that enable users to 'turn back the clock' and see all of their data exactly as it existed at any past point in time
  • Integrated file retention policies which protect and preserve data according to rules that can be tailored to the requirements of each customer and industry
  • Full file system audit trails (with SQL-based reporting) that can show every change, deletion – and even access – of every file in the system by every user in support of compliance and tracking activities

In short, SGI solutions deliver outstanding capabilities for core data storage – but our advances in the area of data management will help ensure that customers obtain maximum value from their data over time. It's just one of the reasons that Big Thinkers Trust SGI Big Data Solutions.

Partner Spotlight:

E4 Computer Engineering SpA and SGI working together in Italy

E4 Computer EngineeringIn the Autumn of 2013 SGI and E4 became business partners in Italy. "With E4 distributing all SGI products and services, our customers in Italy will receive the best products and services available, and we look forward to working with E4," said Rod Evans, VP of Sales for SGI EMEA.

"E4 Computer Engineering is a well-established organization, with a strong technical expertise, and we believe they will give our customers a professional service with staff based across the country." "We are very excited about the new partnership," confirmed Vincenzo Nuti, CEO of E4 Computer Engineering. "SGI is one of the most prestigious names in the HPC and big data industry and we are confident that our joint expertise will only bring huge benefits to our customers."

Founded in 2002, E4 Computer Engineering SpA specializes in the production and architectural integration of IT systems for professional use, such as Workstation, Server and Storage, with the aim to design and create complete and customized solutions for a number of environments ranging from High Performance Computing to Enterprise up to the design and implementing of Turn-key Data Centers.

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