The SGI Newsletter March 2016
SGI Insider: SKODA AUTO Drives Innovation and Automotive Advancements Powered by New SGI Supercomputer
SGI announced that ŠKODA AUTO a.s., launched into operation a SGI® UV™ and two SGI® ICE™ high performance computing (HPC) systems to further enhance its computer-aided engineering capabilities.

ŠKODA AUTO is one of the world's oldest car manufacturers and draws on 110 years of production expertise. The new installation will integrate with ŠKODA AUTO's existing SGI supercomputer to reach over 30,000 Intel® Xeon® E5 family processor cores.

SGI Provides Total with Improved Modelling to Support Decision Making
Total, one of the largest integrated oil and gas companies in the world, announced they are boosting the compute power of their SGI Pangea supercomputer with an additional 4.4 petaflops provided by a new SGI® ICE™ X system and based on the Intel® Xeon® processor. Purchased last year, the new SGI system is now in production and will allow Total to determine the optimal extraction methods more quickly.  The SGI supercomputer allows Total to improve complex modelling of the subsurface and to simulate the behavior of reservoirs, reducing the time and costs associated with discovering and extracting energy reserves.

SGI Publishes New World Record SPEC CPU2006 Results
Compute-intensive, fast algorithm workflows such as CAE, genome assembly and scientific simulations require the ability to solve complex problems at greater scale.  The SGI® UV™ 3000 is an advanced symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) system designed for these types of workloads.

Building upon 21 years of in-memory computing expertise, SGI is pleased to announce new world records of 45,100 for SPECint®_rate_base2006 and 42,600 for SPECfp®_rate_base2006.  Both of these records were achieved with a 128 socket SGI UV 3000 system with the current generation Intel® Xeon® E5 v3 processor.
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SGI - The Engine for Innovation
Research outcomes matter to National Computational Infrastructure (NCI), one of the largest supercomputing research organizations in Australia. When deciding the best solution to help them build their global data filesystem "gdata," NCI turned to SGI. SGI systems and professional services experts help guide and train NCI, so they can assist researchers in the development of new ideas.

Video on Demand
Video on Demand
High Accuracy Supercomputing Solutions for Oil and Gas Research
Renato Miceli of SENAI CIMATEC discusses how they work with SGI to provide a world class HPC infrastructure for their customers in Brazil. Their system, Yemoja, is the largest HPC system in the world used for Oil and Gas research.

Czech out this SGI and Intel case study: IT4Innovations national supercomputing center pushes parallel computing
With a theoretical computing performance of two petaflops, the new Salomon supercomputer exceeds the previous supercomputer, Anselm, by more than 20 times. Based on the SGI® ICE™ X system and with the latest Intel® Xeon® processors and Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors, it is one of the most powerful supercomputers in the Czech Republic.

SGI & ANSYS Recorded Webinar: 10x Faster Transient Electromagnetic Field Simulations using the SGI UV 3000
In the recent webinar, we discussed how with SGI and ANSYS Maxwell's Time Decomposition Method, we are able to deliver 10x speed and 10x capacity improvements for transient electromagnetic field simulations. The SGI UV 3000 eliminates the risk of simulation failure and lost time due to insufficient computing memory.  

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