The SGI Newsletter January 2016
NCAR Selects SGI to Focus on Advanced Climate Modeling and Research
The National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) chose an SGI supercomputer to facilitate the development of more advanced climate and weather models. The new SGI® ICE™ XA system, named "Cheyenne", will perform some of the world's most data intensive calculations for weather and climate modeling to improve the resolution and precision by orders of magnitude. As a result, NCAR's scientists will provide more actionable projections about the impact of climate change for specific regions and assist agencies throughout the world to develop more accurate weather predictions on a local and global scale.
UNSW Launches Research-focused Data Management Platform
Researchers in all disciplines are increasingly faced with the problem of needing to spend too much time finding and managing the data they need, often at the expense of actually being able to effectively work with that data. As data volumes grow the problems become worse, with the data often ending up distributed across multiple different storage silos, and extremely difficult and time-consuming to find.

It was with this problem in mind that the UNSW Australia (University of New South Wales) introduced an institution-wide Research Data Archive initiative designed specifically to make researchers more productive, and to facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration.

Taking advantage of the advanced metadata management capabilities of Mediaflux® and the extensible storage architecture of SGI® InfiniteStorage™, the Research Data Archive automates the back-end management of the data to consolidate access to all available source data, while also providing researchers a way to query and preserve new data along the way.

insideHPC Market Brief on Weather and Climate Forecasting
Weather forecasting and long-term climate simulation rank as some of the most complex and computationally demanding problems in the world of HPC.  Modern weather prediction requires cooperation in the collection of observed data and sharing of forecasts output among all nations, a collaboration that has been ongoing for decades. This data is used to simulate effects on a range of scales&from events, such as the path of tornadoes, that change from minute to minute and move over distances measured in meters, to turnover of water layers in the ocean, a process that is measured in decades or even hundreds of years, and spans thousands of miles. The amount of data collected is staggering.
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Why Customers Choose SGI
Gerry Kolosovary, President and CEO of FedCentric Technologies sits down to discuss the benefits of partnering with SGI and why their customers prefer SGI and Intel technology in solving their complex problems.

SGI @ SC15
Dr. Eng Lim Goh discusses the major trends in the computing industry and showcases the SGI ICE XA at SC15 in Austin, Texas.
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Innovative Solutions for Scientific and Technical Computing
Ken Howard, President of ComnetCo, Inc., discusses the unique benefits of the SGI UV in scientific computing such as personalized and precision medicine. The simplicity of single system operations improves researcher productivity.

Nagaoka University of Technology Selects SGI to Deliver Advanced Information Processing for Students and Researchers
SGI announced that the Administrative Organization of the National University Corporation, Nagaoka University of Technology in Nagaoka, Japan has selected the SGI® UV™ 300, SGI UV 30EX and SGI Rackable™ servers and SGI InfiniteStorage 5600 for its next education and research integrated high-performance computing (HPC) system. This system will be installed at the university's Information Processing Center and will offer a tenfold performance increase over the previous system.

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