The SGI Newsletter September 2016

SGI Opens European Research Centre with ICHEC
SGI announced a significant investment in extreme scale software research at the Irish Centre for High-End Computing (ICHEC), a top European centre. The investment highlights the commitment of SGI to the European software research community. These resources, including SGI application software and supercomputing hardware expertise, will assist scientists as they explore issues related to climate change, weather forecasting, and environmental research among many other topics.

Vote for SGI - HPCwire Readers' Choice Awards
Each year the HPCwire Readers' Choice Awards recognize outstanding individuals and
organizations in the HPC (high-performance computing) community. Voting for the 2016 HPCwire Readers' Choice Awards is now open and SGI is proud to be nominated alongside many of our partners and customers again this year. The winners of these prestigious awards are announced live at Supercomputing 2016 (SC16) in Salt Lake City, UT. We encourage all HPCwire readers to take part in this year's voting.

Hurry! Voting ends September 30, 2016

Happy Birthday MPT!
SGI Message Passing Toolkit - part of the SGI® MPI suite of tools enabling application acceleration for SGI systems - is celebrating its 20 year anniversary. SGI MPT has been instrumental in allowing SGI systems to push the boundaries of HPC performance including holding the world record for SPEC® MPI 2007 for various generations of SGI® ICE™ systems since 2010 - up to and including 2016.

Hot Downloads
IDC White Paper
The Value Proposition of Scale-Up x86 Servers: Cost-Efficient and Powerful Performance for Critical Business Insights
To meet their growing needs for workloads, IT organizations can expand the capability of their
x86 server infrastructure by either scaling up and adding fewer, more capable servers or scaling
out by adding multiple relatively less capable servers.


White Paper
How the Latest Generation of Supercomputers Speeds Global Climate Research
Running simulations on the spatial and temporal scale needed for climate change research requires maximum computational speed and scalability in order to execute in practical time frames. It turns out that in today's HPC cluster technology, moving data in and out of the processing units is often the limiting factor in minimizing time-to-solution. To be effective, systems working with weather forecasting and climate modeling require high memory bandwidth and fast interconnect across the system, as well as a robust parallel file system.

SGI and ANSYS Achieve New World Record in HPC
Looking back at the past couple of years of extraordinary joint engineering projects SGI and ANSYS have undertaken, it is clear when a synergetic hardware and software partnership is established you, our joint customers, are the clear beneficiary. This blog discusses the following topics: scaling better than ever, new world record benchmark, and HPE to acquire SGI.

JAIST Announces New World Record SPEC CPU2006 Results with SGI UV 3000
We at SGI are excited to share that JAIST, the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, has set new world records with their SGI UV 3000 System.  The metrics measure real world application codes and are highly valued as representative workloads for large, multi-processor systems.

Bright Computing Announces Reseller Agreement with SGI
Deploying Bright Cluster Manager on SGI supercomputers unlocks many benefits for users, including increased utilization due to health checks, reduced TCO, and single pane of glass management for a multivendor data center. A set of convenient SGI integration scripts allow users to easily install the Bright software on the SGI ICE X admin node or SGI Rackable head node out of the box and run scripts that use auto discovery to find and configure each blade, chassis and rack.

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