The SGI Newsletter        October 2014
SGI SAP Certified
SGI SAP Certified

New SGI® UV™ for SAP HANA®
Enables Real-time Business for Large Enterprises

Customers Including Sigma-Aldrich Corporation rapidly adopting SGI's newly certified appliance for its performance and simplicity to achieve extreme scale with SAP HANA platform

Thinking SAP HANA?SGI introduced SGI® UV™ for SAP HANA®. It is a purpose-built, in-memory computing appliance for growing environments running the SAP HANA platform. SAP-certified and available today as a 4- or 8-socket single-node system with up to 6 terabytes (TB) of in-memory computing, SGI's new appliance is designed to enable the largest enterprises to achieve real-time operations and business breakthroughs with SAP HANA at extreme scale, helping to lower cost of ownership, while providing business continuity.

SAP PartnerSGI UV for SAP HANA utilizes a unique scale-up, single-node architecture designed to deliver performance at unprecedented platform capacities. The simplicity of a single-node will allow enterprises to run applications free from the overhead of clustered appliances and reduce installation time — there are no cluster nodes, cluster network, or SAN to configure and administer. And there will not be a need for database partitioning or re-balancing I/O when increasing the size of the SGI appliance. Operational costs are reduced, high availability is streamlined, and capacity can be increased seamlessly with near-linear performance.

SGI's attracting a lot of attention.
Schedule an SC14 booth tour to learn more.

Schedule a booth tourA 1000x leap from petascale computing. Some see growing challenges such as power and cooling making exascale nothing more than science fiction. Not at SGI.

We've been solving the world's biggest challenges for decades and have a path to supercomputers capable of an exaflop by 2020.

Outer limits? Sure. But the advances we are making in system software and hardware also help solve complex problems facing mere earthlings. At SC14 we will showcase the world's fastest and efficient scale-out and scale-up supercomputers, system management, and Lustre storage solutions, plus continuing innovation on our path to exascale.

Schedule a booth tour in Booth #915 and learn why we're attracting a lot of attention.

The SGI User Group is taking on the Big Easy!

SGI UGIn their first-ever Supercomputing meeting, the SGI User Group is planning an opening day lunch session featuring many of HPC's top thought leaders.

In this session, SGI CTO Dr. Eng Lim Goh will present
"HPC Matters — The roadmap to exascale compute and data" and several of SGI's top customers will present on their work solving some of the world's most difficult challenges using SGI solutions.

This is a must-attend event for SGI customers looking to collaborate with peers and learn more about maximizing their environments. Register today, seating is limited.

SC14 Announces New Plenary
to Focus on the Importance of Supercomputers in Society

Inaugural "HPC Matters" Plenary to be led by SGI and NASA

SC14 Plenary"High-performance (HPC) computing is uniquely valuable in the world today," observes Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's Trish Damkroger, General Chair for SC14. "As researchers and engineers push the boundaries of their professions in the pursuit of a better future for all, they are rapidly moving into areas in which physical experiments are not practical, or even possible. HPC matters today more than ever."

The "HPC Matters" plenary will be led by Dr. Eng Lim Goh, senior vice president and CTO at SGI, who will demonstrate the vital nature of supercomputers across much of the world's economic, cultural, scientific, and social accomplishments. He will also focus on numerous real world examples and will explain how much of what is made possible today, would be impossible without HPC and the role it plays across all industries.

SGI® DMF™ for Lustre Adds Limitless Scalability
to High-Performance File Storage

Combining SGI's Storage Tier Virtualization Platform and Intel® Enterprise Edition for Lustre® Software Enables Simplified Scalability and Radically Reduced Storage Costs

SGI announced the immediate availability of highly scalable tiered data management capabilities that expand the functional capabilities of Intel® Enterprise Edition for Lustre software and enable increased storage efficiency for organizations' parallel computing needs.

With high-performance computing (HPC) and Big Data analytics growing at an unprecedented rate, Intel and SGI are working together to leverage targeted software and hardware solutions to drive the industry forward. Building on Intel's previous collaborations with the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) around the integration of the Robinhood Policy Engine, the Intel Enterprise Edition for Lustre integration with SGI DMF for Lustre now delivers a complete hierarchical storage management (HSM) solution, allowing multi-tiered storage to be fully integrated with Lustre.

5 real-life applications of supercomputers that you never knew about

From the crash test to the open road, supercomputers are utilized wider than people think

Information AgeSupercomputing is often delegated to the realms of research-intensive, scientific tasks such as analysing large amounts of data to solve medical, environmental, infrastructural, or a wide variety of other scientific challenges.

But what is less often identified with supercomputers nowadays are the ways they impact real-life day-to-day experiences: driving on the highway, reading the news, or even eating.

Why supercomputers are becoming cool machines

Liquid cooling can take many forms but expertise from embedded systems can also point the way to a green future for HPC

Scientific Computing WorldEurope's first high-performance cluster to be cooled by total immersion in mineral oil has started operations at the University of Vienna.

On the other side of the Atlantic, a different submerged cooling solution has emerged as a 'proof of concept' announced by 3M, in collaboration with Intel and SGI. This uses two-phase immersion cooling technology. SGI®'s ICE™ X, the fifth generation of SGI's distributed memory supercomputer, and the Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 hardware, were placed directly into 3M's Novec engineered fluid.

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Run Your Business in Real-Time at Extreme Scale
If your in-memory computing environment needs to scale beyond 6 TBs, you've been limited to a clustered appliance. But this leads to performance degradation and complexity challenges, preventing you from running enterprise resource planning (ERP) and data warehouse applications on the same platform.
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University of Zurich Boosts Delivery of Ground-Breaking Research with SGI
The University of Zurich was founded in 1833 and is regarded as one of the world's best research institutes. In 2014, a team mainly composed by researchers from the Institute of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies at the University of Zurich completed the initial phase of ground-breaking research into cooperative behaviors within microbial colonies.
University of Zurich

Japan's MST Increases Performance with the new SGI® UV™ 2000 System

MST is an analysis center that supports product development and research for corporations and other groups through the provision of analysis and evaluation of materials in various fields including electronics and life sciences. The foundation offers contracted analysis services using analysis equipment such as various electron microscopes, X-ray diffractometer and high-performance computers.

By installing the large-scale, shared-memory SGI UV 2000, MST will enhance analysis and evaluations performed with computational science utilizing computers. The SGI UV 2000 will provide a significant increase in shared-memory computing compared to MST's previous solution and will greatly increase computational capability. Additionally, the deployment will improve the precision of simulations using analysis techniques such as electronic state calculation, molecular dynamics calculation, Monte Carlo and finite element methods.

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