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Software Keys

Please request a permanent license by sending email to:

Include in your email request the name of your purchased software product and the entitlement ID received.

If you have questions or need immediate assistance, please contact SGI Support.

If you have an existing HPE Passport Account please log into the HPE My License portal to make a request. Otherwise please contact Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Licensing:

Phone: +1(800) 538 1733
Hours: US Eastern GMT
Mon to Fri 8AM - 4PM

Europe, Middle East, Africa
Phone: +44 203 450 5383
Hours: GMT
Mon to Fri 8AM - 4PM

Asia-Pacific, Japan

Japan (Japanese Only)
Phone: +81-36-743-9679

China North (Chinese, English)
Phone: 10800 7440572

China South (Chinese, English)
Phone: 10800 4400552

English Only
Phone: +61 291 51 02 78

Hours: Tokyo local time
Mon to Fri 9AM - 5PM