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Software Keys

To request a permanent license:

If you have an existing HPE Passport Account please log into the HPE My License portal to make a request. Otherwise please contact Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Licensing:

Phone: +1(800) 538 1733
Hours: US Eastern GMT
Mon to Fri 8AM - 4PM

Europe, Middle East, Africa
Phone: +44 203 450 5383
Hours: GMT
Mon to Fri 8AM - 4PM

Asia-Pacific, Japan

Japan (Japanese Only)
Phone: +81-36-743-9679

China North (Chinese, English)
Phone: 10800 7440572

China South (Chinese, English)
Phone: 10800 4400552

English Only
Phone: +61 291 51 02 78

Hours: Tokyo local time
Mon to Fri 9AM - 5PM