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IRIX® was the 64-bit operating system of MIPS® processor-based SGI® systems, ranging from visual workstations to visualization systems and supercomputers. The last version of IRIX released was 6.5.30 in August 2006.

SGI Support of MIPS IRIX Products
As of December 31, 2013, IRIX products are in Retired Mode. Technical phone support is available to honor existing support obligation, but only known bug fixes and workarounds are provided. No new development, maintenance, or security fixes are provided by SGI. Product media and/or downloads remain available through the support organization. Software is no longer available for sale, and support contracts cannot be renewed.

Renewals, Upgrades, and Transfers
SGI will allow renewal of IRIX contracts under Retired Mode as long as the MIPS hardware product associated with it is supported. Please reference the Hardware Product Support Matrix for MIPS hardware support information.