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OC1 is an external inducer that interfaces OC1 version 3 []. The source can be obtained from the Johns Hopkins University, Department of Computer Science. The latest version of the OC1 system can be directly obtained by anonymous FTP from, in the directory pub/oc1. Questions regarding OC1 should be directed to its authors, Sreerama Murthy, Steven Salzberg and Simon Kasif (E-mail: URL:

Any commercial use of OC1 is strictly prohibited without the express written consent of the authors. If you use the OC1 software in the context of any of your publications, please reference murthy-kasif-salzberg-oc1-journal.

The following options are Supported:

to set the seed.

to force axis parallel splits.

to force CART-like splits [].

to set the pruning rate.

The executable ``mktree'' must be in the current path.

Ronny Kohavi
Sun Oct 6 23:17:50 PDT 1996