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PEBLS is an external inducer that interfaces the P arallel E xemplar-B ased L earning S ystem version 2.0 by cost-salzberg-pebls. Please contact for more information. The sources can be retrieved at URL

Several changes were made to the original source code: The maximum number of instances was increased from 110 to 5,000 and the maximum number of characters in class names was increased to 20 (config.h). The program was changed to return status 0 upon exit if the run was successful. A severe bug was fixed in the way weighted voting is handled.

Supported options are: PEBLS_DISCRETIZATION_LEVELS, PEBLS_NEAREST_NEIGHBORS, and PEBLS_VOTING_SCHEME. The executable pebls must be in the current path.

Ronny Kohavi
Sun Oct 6 23:17:50 PDT 1996