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Converting Files for External Inducers

If you want to use one of the external inducers directly ( e.g. , PEBLS, OC1, Aha's IB) then you need to convert the data files to their format. One simple trick is to define a two line script in your directory that contains a single exit statement that returns a bad status. For example, to get a file in PEBLS format you can do:

   echo "exit 1" > pebls
   chmod a+x pebls
   setenv INDUCER pebls
The inducer will abort with an error message indicating the command line used to call pebls. The line will contain the name of the temporary file names used, which you can then rename.

Note: for this trick to work properly, your path must contain the current directory before the $MLCDIR directory. Do ``which pebls'' to verify that it is indeed the above script that will get executed. Don't forget to remove the ``pebls'' file when you're done.

Ronny Kohavi
Sun Oct 6 23:17:50 PDT 1996