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Special Values

Options can take on special values as follows:

Force prompting of the given option, regardless of the prompt level. This is useful if you want to set the value of an option, without being prompted for other options. Specifically, this will cause prompting of nuisance options. Note that because most shells have special meanings for a question mark, the value must be quoted:
    setenv OPTION '?'


Force the option to the MLC++ default value and avoid prompting for it unless the PROMPTLEVEL is set to "all". If there is no default value, the program will abort.

The value preceding the exclamation mark will be treated as a default, and the status of the option will be changed to nuisance, avoiding further prompting in the basic prompt level. Use this feature to avoid prompting for an option you do not want to change when doing multiple runs. For example,
    setenv CV_FOLDS '5!'

Ronny Kohavi
Sun Oct 6 23:17:50 PDT 1996