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The Option Dump File

When a program is running, option values that are required for the particular execution are output into the dump file the same way they were input. There are several rules governing dump file behavior:

  1. If an option was set via setenv, then a similar setenv string will appear in the dump-file, including options using '' .

  2. If an option was prompted, then the user has some control over what will appear in the dump-file:

    1. Typing a value will place that value into the dump file. If the option was a nuisance option, then the value will be followed by '' .

    2. Typing a value following by will accept the value and place '' after the value in the dump file.

    3. Typing <return> to accept the MLC++ default will place an unsetenv OPTION_NAME in the dump file, which will cause similar behavior if the dump file is sourced.

    4. Typing at the prompt will accept the default but place a in the dump file, causing the option not to be prompted if the dump file is sourced.

Ronny Kohavi
Sun Oct 6 23:17:50 PDT 1996