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Wray Buntine, George John, Pat Langley, Ofer Matan, Karl Pfleger, and Scott Roy contributed to the design of MLC++ . Nils Nilsson and Yoav Shoham supported this project. Many students at Stanford have worked on MLC++ , including: Robert Allen, Eric Bauer, Brian Frasca, James Dougherty, Steven Ihde, Ronny Kohavi, Alex Kozlov, Clay Kunz, Jamie Chia-Hsin Li, Richard Long, David Manley, Svetlozar Nestorov, Mehran Sahami, Dan Sommerfield, and Yeogirl Yun. MLC++ was partly funded by Silicon Graphics Inc, ONR grants N00014-94-1-0448, N00014-95-1-0669, and NSF grant IRI-9116399.

Ronny Kohavi
Sun Oct 6 23:17:50 PDT 1996