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Referencing MLC++


A paper on MLC++ will be published in the Tools with Artificial Intelligence conference []. Please use it as the reference to MLC++ if you are using some of the utilities provided by MLC++ and would like to acknowledge this fact. LaTeX users can add the following to their bib file:

      author = {Ron Kohavi and Dan Sommerfield and James Dougherty},
      title = {Data Mining Using {MLC++}: A Machine Learning Library in {C++}},
      booktitle={Tools with Artificial Intelligence},
      year = 1996,
      pages = {To Appear},		    
      note= {\texttt{}},
      publisher={IEEE Computer Society Press}}

The LaTeX macros to display MLC++ is:

\newcommand{\mlc}{\ensuremath{\mathcal{MLC\hspace{-.05em}\raisebox{.4ex}{\tiny\bf ++}}}}

Ronny Kohavi
Sun Oct 6 23:17:50 PDT 1996