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Common Error Messages

  Shown below are common error messages and their explanations.

If there is a problem in parsing an input file, just SETENV LOGLEVEL 10 and you will see how each attribute is being parsed. This usually suffices to solve the problem.

  1.    6119:Inducer: rld: Fatal Error: cannot successfully map soname
       '' under any of the filenames 
    MLC++ uses dynamically shared objects. The runtime loader must know where these are through the environment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH. Add setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH "/usr/lib:/lib:$MLCDIR"

    After you set MLCDIR to the MLC++ directory. Another alternative is to move all the files ending with .so into /usr/lib.

  2. Error - LinearDiscriminant::LinearDiscriminant: Number of categories 7 != 2.
    The inducer you are running attempts to generate a LinearDiscriminant for more than two categories. Remember that perceptron and winnow are limited to two-class problems.

  3. sh: c4.5: not found
    C4.5 program returned bad status.  Line executed was
    c4.5 -u -f /tmp/aaaa0063_.MLC  | awk -f $MLCDIR/c45test.awk...
    The csh or tcsh variable path does not include the c4.5 executable.

  4. sh: awk: not found
    C4.5 program returned bad status.  Line executed was
       c4.5 -u -f /tmp/aaaa00636.MLC  | awk -f $MLCDIR/c45test.awk...
    The environment variable $MLCDIR is not defined to be the path where MLC++ is installed. Specifically, c45 results are parsed using the c45test.awk script.

  5. Error - FileNames::test_file: No TESTFILE specified.

    A TESTFILE must be specified if the DATAFILE ends with the ``.all'' suffix. If you are following the MLC++ naming conventions, then you are probably doing something wrong. A ``.all'' suffix indicates that all your data is in the given file, so no TESTFILE should be available. You may be running the Inducer utility instead of the AccEst utility.

  6. Error - mlcIO::file_exists: File '.names' does not exist in colon separated
       paths '.:/u/mlc/db:'.
    An empty DATAFILE was given.

Ronny Kohavi
Sun Oct 6 23:17:50 PDT 1996