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SGI® Development Suite

Develop, Debug and Analyze Linux® Technical Computing Applications


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SGI Development Suite provides an advanced software development environment for developing, debugging, and performance analysis of high performance technical computing applications for the Linux® operating system. SGI Development Suite complements SGI's suite products: SGI Performance Suite for developing performance accelerated technical computing applications and SGI Management Suite for system management of SGI servers and clustered systems.

SGI partnered with the leading software development vendors, Intel® and Rogue Wave® Software, to offer a rich development environment for SGI's customers. SGI Development Suite consists of SGI Performance Suite, Intel® Parallel Studio XE high performance development and analysis tools and Rogue Wave® TotalView® Team advanced debugging and analysis tools.

Performance Suite
Parallel Studio XE
Rogue Wave®
TotalView® Team
Technical Computing performance enhancing software for SGI systems Software development tool suite tuned for application performance and code robustness Dynamic source code and memory debugging for C, C++, and FORTRAN HPC applications Everything needed to debug, profile, optimize, edit and build C, C++ and FORTRAN applications
Consists of SGI® Accelerate, SGI® MPI, SGI® REACT™ Consists of Intel® Composer XE, Intel® Inspector SE, Intel® VTune™ Amplifier XE Consists of TotalView®, MemoryScape, ReplayEngine, CUDA debugging Consists of DDT and MAP