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SGI® VizServer®

Remote Visualization Software


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SGI VizServer system with NICE Desktop Cloud Visualization™ (DCV) software is a commercially supported hardware and software solution that delivers efficient and optimized remote access to graphic-intensive, off-the-shelf 3D applications running in both Windows® and Linux® desktop environments, including major CAD, CAE, Petro-technical, medical and scientific visualization software.

Key Features

  • Hardware and software solution for optimized remote 3D visualization
  • Full GPU acceleration for off-the-shelf OpenGL® applications
  • GPU sharing across multiple users
  • Collaborative session sharing of remote 3D data

NICE DCV is the first software product on the market to allow sharing of a single physical GPU between multiple Windows and Linux sessions, while maintaining full OpenGL application acceleration and workstation-class performance: this makes SGI VizServer servers with NICE DCV the ideal choice for remote working and collaboration, allowing a better utilization of available hardware resources and enabling an efficient and responsive 3D Cloud experience.

SGI VizServer server with NICE DCV is integrated into NICE EnginFrame™ Views to provide 2D/3D session management via a web browser including the ability to share an interactive session with others for collaborative working. When coupled with EnginFrame HPC functionalities, engineers and researchers benefit from a user-friendly, web-based experience across their complete workflow, including state-of-the-art data and batch job management using their job scheduler of choice.