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Oracle® Database In-Memory Solutions

Accelerate Oracle 12c to the Speed of Memory

Achieve Real-time Business with Oracle Database In-Memory
Oracle 12c with the Oracle Database In-Memory option enables lines of business to access vital information with up-to-the-moment accuracy, get answers instantly, and operate in real time. Imagine leveraging Oracle Database In-Memory with near limitless scale and mission-critical reliability. SGI helps make this possible.

Perform Analytics at 100x - Run OLTP and Analytics Concurrently
Identify business trends in seconds, make faster, smarter decisions, and gain competitive advantage. SGI UV 300RL, a new model in the SGI UV server line for high performance in-memory computing, enables enterprises to run Oracle Database In-Memory on a single, Intel-based system with un-paralleled scale-up capacity.

Leverage Future-ready, Single-System Design with Near Limitless Scale
Featuring Intel® Xeon® E7-8800 v4 or v3 processors and 7th generation SGI NUMAlink technology, UV 300RL is certified and factory-installed with Oracle Linux 7 with Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel. Utilizing a unique modular chassis architecture, UV 300RL can scale from 4 to 32 sockets and 1 to 24TBs of cache-coherent shared memory.

Enjoy Seamless, Scale-up Simplicity
The single-system design of the UV 300RL enables you to grow your Oracle Database In-Memory environment without adding overhead. There are no cluster nodes or cluster network to administer. No additional software is required. And there's no need for data segmentation as performance scales near linearly and automatically.

Depend on Mission-Critical Reliability
SGI UV 300RL is equipped with high fault-tolerance and robust reliability, availability and serviceability (RAS) features. To help ensure continuous operations, you can fully leverage Oracle's Maximum Availability Architecture for Oracle 12c to protect against data loss and keep critical applications highly available.

Gain In-memory Performance with Deployment Flexibility
Connect UV 300RL directly or by network to your existing enterprise-class 3rd party storage or select from the entire SGI InfiniteStorage line. The system is deployed by an expert SGI services engineer, either pre-racked and featuring air or water cooling, or in your existing 19" rack.